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Getting error incorect login information.

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Getting error incorect login information.

Yarth's Avatar

12.16.2011 , 05:15 AM | #1
Hey, first off let me say that I haven't received my headstart invite yet, but as I pre-ordered on the eight of December I was hoping to get it today. However when I try to log onto the client, I wanted to check that I wasn't missing any patches or such, I get "The email address, password or security key you have entered is incorrect."

Now I realize that the servers are down for maintenance so I figured it might be related to that. But just in case I wanted to make a post here and be doubly sure. Have tried to run the FixLuncher thingy, and I was able to log in last evening, so I am really hoping that it is because of the servers; but if I need to reinstall or do something significant like that I want to know as soon as possible.