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Server queues and how to lessen the problem.

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Server queues and how to lessen the problem.

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12.16.2011 , 05:05 AM | #1
As i think everybody knows by now, there are server queues. Fine, that's expected, but 2+ hours of queueing is not acceptable, so they need to change their current server-rollout strategy to help solve this issue.

Reason why we're having huge queues:

Day 1:
Lets say you have 5000 people who is about to select their server to live on. Now, since most servers are full, those 5000 people will be spread out on the 1-2 servers that were recently rolled out, and therefore are only "standard" load or similiar.

Now, add 5000 players to those 1-2 servers, and suddenly you have 1-2 servers with the load Heavy, Very Heavy or Full.

Now, everybody wants to play with their friends, afterall thats why we love MMO's. Now, lets assume each of those 5000 people have 5 unique friends each that they want to play with.

Day 2: 5000 of those friends are now ready to play, and where do you think they will create their character ?`

Correct, ofcourse they will create it where the friends they want to play with has already created their character.

So now you have 10000 people spread on those 1-2 servers. Result, full servers and queue's.

And you still have 20000 friends who will also want to join those same servers, cause thats where their friends are.

Now, consider this same example, but with those original 5000 people spread out on 10 servers.

What whould happen ?, you would now have 30000 people (5000 + 5 friends each) spread out over 10 servers, and not 1-2 servers, making it possible to avoid much of the queueing.

So conclusion:

Do not add servers 1 by 1. Add servers in bulks of 5-10 each time, to even out the load more.