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Star wars: Epoch (10,000 aby )

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02.29.2012 , 07:17 AM | #1
This is a repost of the story I had worked with on my first account. I decided to return to it, with some minor changes to characters and events.
English isnt my first language so, don't be too brutal x.x

10,000 ABY

The flags of the old empire flapped against rusted metallic poles in the dusty air. Gigantic buildings crumbled and fell, pieces of the old architecture falling into the endless, dark abyss. Nature had overtaken the planet: vines snaked and choked the still standing structures, crawling up from the bowels of the deserted city. Trees rose and towered over slumping metallic giants, a natural poetic statement about the fragility of sentient life. Another gust of wind blew, causing the old flag of the rodian empire to rip off itís pole. Talzin watched with green eyes: still visible through his T-shaped visor, as it flew from the building he was standing on, and into the maw of the city.

Talzin looked back at his ship. The Reverie. It was a dusty old thing, with battered paint and rust forming at the folded wings. It hummed silently, like a beast in hibernation. A small, one-man fighter, he had been able to travel here in seven days. It was record time, in his opinion. Of the few pilots he met in his travels, most took weeks, not days, to travel the distance he had.

An armoured glove reached to his side, pulling a nine-shot bolt-pistol from itís holster. It was fully loaded, the bullets hidden within their chambers, waiting to be expunged and thrust into the soft, warm bodies of any person, or animal, that decided to take a violent interest in him. He looked up to the sky. Sunlight still reached the planet, but the sun itself was obscured; Dark clouds that seemed to be constantly in motion were rolling over and over again above him, in a seemingly endless struggle. Talzin activated the flashlight that was attached to his helm, near his left eye, and began his descent into the city. He was looking for a temple: A lost religion, from a different time. Before the war that had destroyed everything and replaced it with what seemed a cheap imitation of how things were before.

Talzin sighed, and began moving down the building. As he did, he realized the building had actually fallen on itís side, a steady, but sloping corpse of technology. This was Coruscant, the dead throne of the empire.

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02.29.2012 , 07:16 PM | #2
This is a good start, please continue. And no worries, your English is better then most native speakers we see on the internet or in the game.
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03.01.2012 , 08:40 AM | #3

Terken Dert was a lowlife, even among the rabble that inhabited his outpost. He had very few skills, and the skills that he did have were oftened limited to theft and violence, skills which he had excelled in. He was a survivor. And for survivors like himself, theft and violence were very, very necessary.

But Terken found himself using one of his least honed skills: Waiting. On Xemenbagh, this rugged swamp-world, waiting was a skill that was almost never employed. Except for today. For Terken, hidden amongst the watery undergrowth of Xemenbagh's floor, He saw something worth waiting for. It was a pod. Or what seemed like a pod. It didn't look like any escape pod he had seen (He had seen many, soldiers belonging to various warlords often jettisoned here, only to quickly be eaten by Xemenbagh's predators, leaving Terken ample opportunity to scavange weapons and supplies)


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03.01.2012 , 09:59 AM | #4

No, this was an entirely different pod. It was made out of a metal that Terken had never seen before, a shiny metal that seemed to be resistant to the swamp waters and mud that were common to Xemenbagh. Now, Terken would have gone to this pod and explored it right when it touched down, but he couldn't. The problem was this: The pod had touched down on the planet; A flaming beacon, leaving a blue-streak in the sky, like a painters wild brush, leading every scanveger to the pod's exact location. Terken waited, because it
wasn't Human scavengers that had taken an interest in the pod. Twelve reptillian-like creatures, each one about 4 feet tall, poked about the pod. They were armed, with bolt rifles and pistols strapped to their bodies. They had long-snouted faces, with dripping noses and wide-green eyes. Tails almost as long as their bodies whipped about them. Corpses of human scavengers bubbled as they sank deeper into the swamp. These aliens, of which Terken had never seen, were obviously not the friendly type. If he had tried to inspect the pod-He would be shot by these creatures. And so, he waited. The swamp water was hot and humid, and almost had a calming effect on him. He was perfectly still, his head just above the water, his eyes trained on the small island where the pod had landed. Dark brown hair, mixed with mud, stuck to the sides of his face, and his dark eyes matched the color of the swamp's dank water. He could wait here for hours, if necessary. The creatures had made almost no progress in opening the pod: They yelled at each other in their strange hissing tongue and they tried tool after tool, and finally, bolt-fire, to open the pod. The tools broke, and the bolts bounced harmlessly off the pod and landed in the swamp with a silent plop.

The creatures marched around and about the island, angry yet unable to change their situation.

Just leave Terken thought to himself. He eyed them with a patience that was starting to wane, tempted to just rush the creatures. He tried to justify that stupid action with various plans that were foolish at their inception in his head. But suddenly, the Pod hissed loudly, a sound that, Terken realized, was similiar to the sound of the creature's language. The reptiles jumped and ran around the pod with excitement, and stopped, aiming their weapons at the pod. Even Terken was caught in the suspense, having stopped breathing, focused on the pod. A hatch opened, slowly, thick white smoke rising from inside the pod. From inside the smoke, Terken could see the silhouette of a tall, dark figure straightening itself from within the smoke-screen. The smoke dissipated, not naturally, but from some invisible force, revealing a being that stood almost 7 feet tall, with large, sloping shoulders that were poorly hidden underneath a gray cloak that hodded the figure's head.

It didn't take the creatures long to react. With a soundless order, they shot at the figure, the sound of bolts being released from the rifles and pistols that the aliens held. The bolts were left suspened in the air, meters from the barrels they were fired from. The figure stood still, having left the pod, now standing a few inches from it. A hooded head turned, counting the number of reptiles that surrounded it. It raised it's hand, which Terken realized was clawed and scaled. Lighting erupted from the hand, and engulfed all twelve creatures in it's deadly embrace. Terken watched, unable to run or yell out, amazed, and envious of this creature's power.

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03.01.2012 , 11:52 AM | #5

Terken slowly waded to the small island. His movements strong, honed by years of dealing with Xemenbagh's unique landscape. The figure didn't move from his position, standing perfectly still. Terken was not foolish enough to think that the figure couldn't notice his advance.

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03.02.2012 , 07:18 AM | #6

Terken slowly climbed onto the island, his feet slipping on the dark mud that outlined the edge of the island. Drips of swamp water plopped onto the yellow sand, creating small dark circles that sunk into the island's ground. The creature still did not acknoweldge him, standing still, his back turned to Terken. Terken slowly rose, the wetness of the swamp causing his tattered clothing to stick to his body like a thick second skin. He stopped where he was, and for a few seconds, neither spoke or moved. Terken stared at the back of the massive figure. It was well muscled, he could tell from the folds it's back created, and its arms too, were barely contined in the long sleeves of the cloak. Terken walked towards the beast slowly, taking two inquisitive and tenative steps, his barren feet sinking into the sand of the island. He could smell the pod, which was still expelling white smoke. It stank of cleaniness, like a strong disinfictant that Terken had used to clean his wounds on numerous occasions.

The behemoth remained still. It hadn't moved since it had killed the reptile-like creatures, whose bodies were still crackling from the monster's strange powers. Terken smelled their bodies too, a sickly smell, the stink of burned flesh and blood. They had not died an easy death.

"Where am I, Human?" The creature asked, suddenly. It took Terken a few seconds to understand what it had said, to his ears it sounded like share sam-Sai, Shuu-man?

"Xemenbagh" Terken said simply.

"Xemenbagh?" Semenbazgh? The beast repiled, testing the foreign words on it's tongue.

Terken nodded, even though he was behind the creature. But he knew, somehow, that the creature knew he nodded, as if the creature had sensed him.

"What is your name, Shuu-man?" The beast asked. It turned it's hodded head towards him.

"Terken Dert...." The boy trailed off. He didn't know how to address the creature, he certaintly couldn't call it monster or beast as he had been in his head.

"Sir", He finally settled on. The creature turned to face him, and Terken had to do everything he could to keep from jumping back into the swampy waters.

It had dark, yellow eyes that gleamed like glowing swampy pools reflecting the sun's deadly rays. He was covered in dark, scaled skin, which was covered in scars, the tell-tale pink lines- Old wounds that had healed over, zig-zagging it's face. It had a reptilian face, but not as lizard-like as the creatures it had killed. It's face was flatter, less comical and more dangerous. It's mouth was closed, but it didn't take a leap of faith for Terken to assume it was lined with razor sharp teeth. Which caused Terken to trace his eyes down the alien's muscled arms and to his hands. While the long (albeit tight) sleeves obscured his actual hands, four razor-sharp white claws poked unassumingly from it's dark sleeves.

"What are you?" Terken asked. His voice was fearful, but his fear was laced with childlike curiousity, which the beast sensed.

He heard a low grumble coming from the alien, which he realized, after seeing it's face contort in more horrendous ways, was laughter.

"I am Trandoshan, T'doshok" It answered. It's massive scaled hands raised to it's hood and pulled it down, revealing it's face, now more visible from Xemenbagh's sunlight.

"My name, Shuu-man, is Tetinark Ghost, And I am wanted dead" Trintenark rasped.


"Did I make my words unclear, Shuu-man?"

"No, that's just one hell of an introduction if I've ever seen one"

More grumbles, more laughter. Tetinark smiled- Or what seemed like a smile, his teeth were exposed, to say the least. He's either laughing or planning to eat me Terken thought to himself.

"Do you have any kin?" Tetinark asked. Kin sounded like skin.

"No, My mother and father are both dead." Terken said simply. Trintenark's face took on a look of genuine suprise. "What happened to them?" It asked.

"I killed them both." Terken said, the words had to escape his mouth like prisoners from a cellblock. His eyes took on a darker tone, not the curious almost childish look that they had before. Tetinark smiled to himself. This one will do nicely.

Terken answered him without any question being asked. "I'll tell you why later, but let's get out of this swamp-Well, the planets all swamp, I should say lets get out of this particular swamp. I have a dwelling" He said quickly, and walked past Tetinark. He waded into the swamp once more, looking back at the giant Trandoshan.

"Follow my lead, or else you'll drown or get eaten by something or a number of somethings" He said, hearing the low grumble of laughter behind him. He didn't know what he was doing, leading this creature to his home. But, Terken thought, To be honest, I don't really care and with that, he lead his new guest deeper into Xemenbagh, away from the island that had been the setpiece that started it all.


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03.02.2012 , 09:15 AM | #7

A predator never stalks it's prey with too much exictement. Of course, the Predator itself is filled with the emotion, but it never lets it show. For a predator to show that emotion, it would lead to the possiblity for it to lose it's prey. Yoza vowed to never lose his prey again.

For the master He thought, and suddenly his hand reached up to touch the fresh scar that his master had given him for his first failure.

Always for the master.

Yoza brushed his long blonde hair out of the way of his luminous blue eyes. The coldness of space had pentrated his ship, he was shivering, now, his simple black cloak not sufficent enough to warm his feeble body. His lips were pressed together, creating the illusion that he had no mouth at all, as his eyes scanned the vast expanse of space before him. A simple view-screen was all that seperated him from the stars. His ship rumbled in protest of the stillness, it was floating now, hovering, suspended upon nothing but the slight bursts of engine fire that kept him alight.

For the master.

He had two options. His target, his prey had ejected from it's own ship-Stolen
He corrected, stolen from the master. He shook his head. Back to the task at hand. Two options. He could follow the ejected pod to the planet itself, which, he had no doubt that his prey would be lying in wait. He had no intention to spring a trap, he did not intend to be out-manuvered again. The second option was to do the un-expected. His prey expected him to come and find him, but he had another idea. His ship lurched forward, groaning at the movement, as his engines flared and burned, filling the ship with the dank smell of fuel. The ship stuttered towards the small green planet, And Yoza pushed the controls forward, hurtling now, towards the moon. He closed his eyes, cleared his thoughts, and focused. He could hear the ship's groans turn into screams and feel the heat of his speed as the view-screen was scorched with the planet's own natural defenses, the fires of passing into the atmosphere. The pain increased, doubled, tripled- It reached a point where all he could do was focus on the pain, and then the sound. There was a large boom, shaking the ship and throwing it off-course (Not that Yoza even had a course to begin with) He heard more popping sounds as the ship failed, until the glass of the viewscreen crackled and crashed into pieces. Glass went into his face, almost all of it, forced back into the cockpit rather than falling out into the sky. Yoza still had his eyes closed, but he could feel the searing pain as the hot fragments ripped into his face and chest. He still pushed the controls forward, accepting the pain with silent resignation. The ship bucked suddenly, and entered an uncontrolled free-fall. He felt a sharp pain at his waist, and for the first time, he opened his eyes-He felt the sensation of falling, but then, with a dark humor, realized his body had been cut in half, his legs and lower abdomen still strapped to the pilots chair. He could feel the blood leaving his body, and turned a blue eye to the falling ship, which had now splintered into 3 or four peices-and watched it land with large explosions. He crashed into a tree, his head splintering into two parts, but still connected, as he tried to retain conciousness. His legless body fell backwards, falling unto the suprisingly soft ground- He began to relax, only to realize the ground was sinking He reached out an arm, which was grossly burned and cut, and used all of his power, focusing on a nearby tree. He felt his body being pulled from the quicksand, slowly but surley. As the last of his body left the quicksand, he gasped, breathing deeply, and laid on the safe ground for a few moments, catching his breath.

Predators do the unexpected He realized that his left arm was gone, and with grim duty, reached out with his right hand, and clawed his way forward, straining to keep his head upright. He allowed himself an inspection of his surroundings. It was obviously a jungle, a wet jungle- He could smell the decay of various animals and other objects rotting in nearby swamps. This was good. His crashed ship would have an ample supply of fuel to burn. Hopefully, His prey saw his crash, Yoza corrected himself. He knew his prey saw it. If he didn't, he would see the smoke from the fires- His prey couldn't be far from here. Yoza continued to claw further. He looked at his hand again, and found that two fingers were missing. The ground from the jungle agitated his exposed flesh, adding more pain to his overall discomfort, but he would not be dettered. A small, mouse-like creature ran by him, only to turn around, and stand directly infront of him. It eyed Yoza with hungry eyes, and darted forward, biting one of Yoza's fingers, and after some effort, pulling it off. The mouse-creature gobbled this treat greedily, and looked at Yoza again, trying to pick it's next target. The mouse advanced with an open-maw, not to Yoza's hand, but directly into his right eye. The creature's tunnel-like snout dug into his eye, sharp teeth lacerating his vision and filling him with more pain. But this is what Yoza wanted. With his free arm- His only arm, he gripped the creature with inhuman force. It squawked at the intrusion, and tried to wriggle free. Yoza gripped harder, and the creature screamed louder- he didn't want to kill it, he just wanted it to make noise. Yoza then brought the mouse closer to his mouth and bit into it, his sharp teeth easily cutting into the mouse's flesh. The creature screamed in protest, but as he ate, he felt- And saw his body returning. stubs of his fingers began to regrow, and skin on his arm healed, color returning to his black and scorched arm. But this small mouse wouldn't be enough to return him to perfection. He slurrped some of the blood that had pooled before him, and crawled into the nearby bushes, and waited. More prey would come, in which He could heal himself, and continue on his quest to find the true prey, the betrayer, Tetinark Ghost.

As he digested his meal, his thought focused on the reasons for all of his actions.

For the master. Always, for the master.

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03.02.2012 , 07:04 PM | #8

Tetinark dutifully followed Terken. The boy had lied, or at least exaggerated, because while the planet was mostly swamp, There were long arid portions of dry plains that separated them. For this Tetinark was grateful, the sun would be able to dry off the murky swamp water that had taken a liking to his cloak. Terken, however, seemed to love the swamps. As he traveled through it, he wouldn't stop talking. Flora and Fauna, what fruits were safe and unsafe, and what areas were known lurking grounds for large underwater behemoths. More than once Terken had to change their direction because of these beasts.

"They're huge. I've seen some at least 10 times your size. They lie in wait at the bottom of the swamp, and then BAM you're dinner." He said, clapping his hands together in a mock imitation of of jaws closing down on a target. Tetinark listened, and played the part, he asked questions when questions were expected, laughed when it was obvious Terken was trying to jest. But Tetinark couldn't realize how childish he was. The boy had to be at least somewhat past his childhood youth-Tetinark guessed it was from the excitement of the day, but still, his thoughts lingered.

This boy killed his parents? Tetinark mused on the thought. It was entirely possible, but still, hard to believe. Nevertheless, he trudged forward.

Until he was stopped in his tracks. He sensed it before Terken saw it, but his eyes looked to the sky when he screamed.

"Look!" Terken yelled and pointed. A flaming meteor came hurtling towards the planet. It took Tetinark a moment to realize it wasn't a meteor, it was a ship. A shiver of dread covered Tetinark. Yoza... The Trandoshan thought.

"Get down!" Terken yelled, running back to Tetinark and pulling him to the ground. The meteor, the ship flew right overhead, and crashed into the jungle behind them.

Silence. There was almost no sound then, Terken and Tetinark both stoic as they lay on the ground.

"That was a ship! " Terken whispered, and scrambled to his feet, running to the crash site.

"Terken! No!" Tetinark said. Terken looked back while running, a wide smile on his face.

"I do this all the time! don't worry!" He grinned.

So foolish Tetinark said to himself. He reached out a hand, and then reached out to Terken. His invisible grip catching the young man's ankle. The boy fell, and turned, with a face full of bewilderment.

"This is not the ship to scavenge. Whatever is in that ship, it will kill you." Tetinark said firmly. Terken, still not understanding, nodded, and jogged back to the Trandoshan. They continued for a while, not speaking, until Terken finally asked,

"How did you do that. Not just that, but the lighting thing too? I've never seen anything like it!" He said, his voice filled with envy and awe.

Tetinark smiled within himself and answered simply. "I have the power of the force within me, Shuu-man."

"Could you teach me?" Terken asked.

"Teach you what?"

"The force." Terken said. He had stopped moving, and turned, looking Tetinark Ghost directly in the eyes. Tetinark was taken aback, somewhat, for his eyes had gotten dark again, like when he had told him that he killed his own kin.

"You have to have power to learn the force, boy." Tetinark said simply. He approached him, the boy, who was still standing defiantly, and touched his forehead with a clawed finger.

"This is a test." He said simply. He knew that the boy had no force power, he would have sensed it, but he might as well entertain the boy, yet kill all hopes of the boy learning anything from him. Besides, Tetinark planned on leaving the boy once he had no more use for him.

Tetinark poked about the boy's mind. The boy had a feeble, natural defense, of which Tetinark broke through easily. Scattered thoughts about various musings brushed past Tetinark's probe as he reached the door. The symbolic door. Tetinark touched it, and waited. The kneejerk response would be for Terken's own mind to attack Tetinark's, an untrained force push that would send Tetinark back a few inches-or yards. But, as Tetinark expected, he felt nothing.

"I cannot train you, I'm sorry." Tetinark said simply, removing his hand from Terken's forehead. The boy nodded, and went back to leading Tetinark to his home.

What a strange human... Tetinark knew few humans, but of the ones he knew, not acted like this boy. How did he end up on this planet? Why did he kill his own parents? the questions seemed endless. I sound like him, now He said with a point of amusement. But it was short lived. He was getting too familiar with the child.
I will use him until he outlives his usefulness. That is the only objective. That, is the way.

"Hurry up! We're almost there!" Terken said, as Tetinark realized he had fallen behind. He put gusto into his step, and followed the boy, his one objective fresh in his mind.

I will rebuild the Sith.


Yoza cracked the bone of a large, bovine-like creature and sucked out the marrow. His eye had returned, as had most of his left arm, but still, it was not enough. His prey, however, seemed endless. It was like every creature on this planet was carnivorous: All he had to do was spill blood and they came, the scavengers. But this was not enough. He needed to find larger prey. Yoza, needed to find a human.


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03.05.2012 , 07:25 AM | #9

Talzin was in complete darkness. He was in the bowels of Courscant, the dead throne of the Rodian empire. Rusted machines slowly decayed and crumbled, reaching the last stage of their dead lives. Dust was everywhere, and even with his mask on, he had to suppress the urge to cough as small dust particles sneaked into his helmet. The source of light that came from the side of his helm bounced as he slowly edged deeper into abyss. He was in a crypt, of sorts, A building that had not been entered since it fell. It was hard getting into, a large piece of metalwork covered the entire front of it, (Probably a ship that crashed into the planet,) Talzin thought. He had to edge around the building, a process that took hours, and then shoot out one of the many windows that were, surprisingly still intact. The reason, however, he picked this specific building was this: It led into the ground. Or, the artificial ground, which meant deeper into the bowels of the city. Whatever he was looking for, it was probably down there. And so, here was Talzin, making his way down what could be called the last spire of Courscant. The way was steep, and there were no stairs, just a winding descending hallway littered with machines and rusting old armour. The place was a graveyard. As he made his way, he could see how the course of battle went. The machines ravaged what he was guessing were the Rodian forces, until they tried to hole themselves at the top of the spire, where Talzin had began. The machine army blew a huge hole into the materials they had used to blockade the door, which Talzin realized, was thankful for. He wouldn't be where he was now if they hadn't, for he simply stepped into and over the breach, and made his way down the winding hall.


Tetinark, for the most part, was impressed with Terken's home. It was clean, well-put together, and safe. The last part was important. Terken had explained to him his father's reasoning. My dad said that too many settlers were trying to keep to the open plains, which was a bad idea. They were afraid of the swamp- But some of the swamps here are shallow- which means no predators. Tetinark, upon arriving at the home, noticed that small animals had also realized this swamp was a safe haven. It also looked cleaner too, the water here fresh and clear, the plants green and luminous, not dark and foreboding. Once they were inside, Terken had sat Tetinark down on a comfortable cushion that accepted Tetinark's large frame. It was covered in swirling designs, and neat patchwork that Tetinark realized were characters.

Terken had gone to wash himself and get a change of clothes, so Tetinark was left alone- For now. Which was good. He had to think of his next plan of action. Yoza had failed, again, at capturing him. His ship crashed, meaning he must of underestimated the planet's atmospheric shield. His ship, which had already been damaged, couldn't have made it through. Even so, Tetinark was glad that his small but well-enforced pod had been able to slip through the planet's clouds with little incident. But it was a meager victory, such was Yoza's death. The Master would know that Yoza had failed, immediately, and would probably send more of his disciples after him. Tetinark was among his original seven, and with Yoza gone... Would he send the rest of them? all at once? or would he continue to send them one by one? The situation became increasingly dire. One thing was clear, however, he needed to get off-world, as soon as possible. Space travel was long and dangerous, and there was a chance that his pursuers would die in pursuit, But, like Yoza's death, it would be a meager victory.

Tetinark rose from his position and stretched his long body. He realized for the first time since he left his enclave that he was hungry. Tetinark knew there was food here, but he would wait until Terken was ready- His hunger did not excuse rude actions such as taking food that was not yet given. So he returned to his seat, the cushion, and again inspected the characters. He had seen this language, somewhere, but he couldn't place it's origin. But he knew it was familiar. Tetinark assumed that it wouldn't be rude to ask Terken once he returned. And then, of course, He could plan a way to get Terken to help him obtain a ship.

"I'm back, and swamp-free" Terken announced. He entered the main living room-The only room, really, aside from the washing chambers that were up a flight of stairs. Terken was wearing plain pants, no foot coverings, and a brown shirt, which, Tetinark realized, were covered with the same strange characters that were on the pillow. But his shirt also had a small insignia, at the dip of the V of his collar, which revealed somewhat his small but slightly muscled chest.

Now that Tetinark looked about, the home was covered with these insignia. They insignia itself was strange. It was two white figures, a boar-like creature running into the maw of a some beast, of which only it's head was drawn. On the outside, it was circled by a thick, black curving line. Terken noticed his eye.

"It's the flag of the Urno clan. Of the wandering Mandolorian tribe."



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03.06.2012 , 07:23 AM | #10

The Trandoshan sat with Terken, face to face as Terken explained his heritage. While he spoke, a sweet-smelling meat was broiling in a pot in the center of the small room, fueled by a small wooden fire.

"My father was Urno. As you can tell, he is very proud of his clan" Terken said, spreading his arms to the various flags that held the room hostage.

"When he took my mother and had me- He made sure both of us were aware that the Urno were powerful and that no force in the known space could destroy them. Us". Terken opened the pot of meat, using a leaver that jutted out of the side of the pot, pulling it, Tetinark realized, caused the top of the pot to open. Hot mist escaped from it, and dissipated as it rose to the ceiling. The smell of the food was almost palpable, and Tetinark could almost taste the meat on his tongue.

Terken continued his story, his face taking a darker color. The color was similar to when He had first told Tetinark he killed his parents.

"The Mandalorians have never truly been united. At least as far as I know. Clans were always attacking clans, absorbing them into their own, to please the grand Mandalore."

"Grand Mandalore?" Tetinark asked. Terken nodded, fiddling with the pot's handle.

"The Grand Mandalore is..." Terken trailed off, unsure how to finish his statement.

"King?" Tetinark offered. Terken smiled.

"Yeah, king. Except not totally. Like I said before, we were never unified, and I think that's how we survived for so long- We weren't one target or one planet. Even one race. The Grand Mandalore, however, was the Man'dul'a, the leader of the strongest clan. He would recognize the second strongest clan, and would form a marriage alliance with them. The two clans would unite, sort of speak. They became the closest thing to a Goverment, while the lesser clans, such as the Urno, any clan weaker than the one that was chosen, was left to fend for themselves. That is when my father fled. He came here, and found my mother. He was still proud of our clan, But even he doesn't know if any still roam. The small weak clans, such as the Urno, were the ones first killed off and ***** by the stronger ones. While the grand clan sits in the capital, with security of arms and intellect-The rest of us suffer and die at the hands of our own peoples." Terken's voice shook as he spoke.

He got up abruptly, and went upstairs that had led into the washing chambers. But when he jogged back down, he had a skin-hide bag that, from the sound of it, contained cutlery. He sat back down by Tetinark, opened the bag, and handed him a plate(Or a bowl, Tetinark couldn't tell which) and a two-speared eating utensil. He took out also from the bag his own set of eating tools, and a ladle, which he dipped into the pot, and pulled out, revealing chunky meat swimming in a white broth. He motioned Tetinark to offer his plate, and dripped the meal from the ladle into Tetinark's possession. Terken looked at the Trandoshan, having to suppress laughter from such an odd scene- Tetinark sat in the cushion, with his legs crossed, holding the plate with one hand and his utensil in the other.

"I hope it's good for you." Terken said. They ate in relative silence, each one too busy in their meals to speak to one another.