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The Code of the Sith Academy

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02.29.2012 , 04:41 AM | #1
After some investigation into the Sith Academy of Korriban I, Darth Kuronan, would like to remind Acolytes there are rules that must be followed regardless of how powerful you are or how much you hate each other.

1. There is no Unsanctioned Murder directly on the grounds of the academy, If we didn't see it then it didn't happen (Tombs)
2. Follow the directive of your Overseers, Sith Honor Guard, and any Sith above Apprentice rank (That means Lords and Darths)
3. We don't care if you need stress relief and we are aware Passion is absolutely encouraged in the ranks of the Sith, just keep it private.
4. Tuk'ata and K'lor'slugs are not to be kept as pets under any condition unless you have direct permission for Overseer Prithor or Lord Renning. We do check and will kill you AND your pet if you are caught in violation.
5. You may not enter the meeting chambers of the Dark Council, you have no idea how many acolytes I have electrocuted for even trying. You may only enter if you have official business with them and yes, we will know if you do.
6. You are Sith of the Sith Empire, you can fantasize about becoming powerful or even Dark Council members but if you start getting any heretical ideals you will be killed by your fellow acolytes without warning.
8. After certain incidents with an acolyte or two gaining a light saber without any authorization we would like to remind you all that you EARN it, if it's stolen you will die on it.
9. You are all expendable, Overseers (And yes I am looking at YOU, Overseer Harkun) may not kill you because they hate you but you likely WILL die if you are weak or unworthy. And Yes, Racism against all non-humans and non-purebloods is to be expected. I dealt with it, so can you.
10. As Sith, I'd like to remind all Sith that there is no such thing as fair combat, that means biting, kicking, clawing, headbutts and lekku slaps are all allowed and encouraged but don't go for the valuables or you will be punished with a round in the Inquisition Chambers. Castration of fellow acolytes will result in Death.
11. We don't respect Codes of Honor. If you wish to hold yourself to one so be it but you will still be treated the same as any other acolyte.
12. If you find a Jedi or Padawan, we wish you Good Luck, because you are very likely to die against them if they somehow made it onto Korriban. If you should defeat them, bring them to Inquisitor Zyn, Inquisitor Urinth, or Jailor Knash. You will be compensated accordingly and more then likely be given a Lord or Darth for succeeding in this, regardless of current level of training.

Inquisition Chamber Specifics

We would like to remind all acolytes that if you go into the Inquisition Chambers you should obviously be prepared for screams, they are quite in use these days...
If you are ever called into the chambers it's likely to torture a fellow acolyte or be questioned. We highly encourage the use of Force Lightning on torture subjects. I made an apprentice sing for me once, it was funny.

Slave Rules
Yes, Slaves are entirely sanctioned in the Empire but after some time rules have been enacted for their protection. We aren't the damned Hutt Cartel.

1. There will be no unwilling acts done upon slaves. Period. You will be killed if caught in violation. This rule does NOT extend to giving them new outfits, but it cannot show everything. And yes before you ask you may dress them in a Dancer or Slave outfit, just make sure it's the right size...
2. Slave owners will be given double the normal amount of food so they may feed their slaves. If the slave is found starving to death you will be punished accordingly. Yes, We have killed slave owners for not feeding their slaves.
3. If you kill a slave owner then take the shock collar control from their corpse, you now own their slave(s).
The Estimare Legacy
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