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Revive after last boss bug?

FarseerTera's Avatar

02.29.2012 , 01:49 AM | #1
Just to see if this is a freak occurence or a repeatable problem to avoid in the future. After running False Emperor last night one of our DPS died in the last 2 seconds of the fight. We revived him before looting but when he accepted the revive instead of it reviving him on the spot it pushed him out of the Flashpoint to the start area.

Being out of the FP area after the last boss was dead meant that he could not re-enter to loot but another thing was that the [HARD]Flashpoint: False Emperor had not completed either.

I don't know why the Flashpoint registers as complete as soon as you drop the last boss. It is a bit of a poor way to do it and causes more problems than having it actually complete when you leave the FP via the "exit door" at the end.

Any views?
Knowledge of fixes/changes?
Work arounds other than "Not dying rofl trololololol"?