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12.16.2011 , 04:44 AM | #1
Been having a lot of fun in warzones on my Sith Assassin but the balance is a bit off when it comes to range classes....

Open on a bounty hunter fight him for a bit force cloak open on him again he finally gets a stunn of take 1 step back and destroys me with ease like in a matter of 2 seconds

Imperial agent if not the same thing with bounty hunter he does his long a** AoE stunn and walks away casually

With so many ways to get away/survive against melee... knockbacks with slows shields all kinds of crap its got to the point if there is a range class around i dont even come out of stealth cause im going to get annihilated no matter what i do and i mean i blow CDs and everything to kill these guys then you see the scoreboard at the ends and the top 6 people are range classes including the sith sorcerer

(I expect it from a spell caster because they have actual cast times but bounty hunter can just sticky bomb you and go to town)