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What is your Warrior's Theme Song?

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What is your Warrior's Theme Song?

PhoenixCorvus's Avatar

07.23.2012 , 02:27 PM | #42
Hello - Lionel Ritchie

Fern_The_Mighty's Avatar

07.24.2012 , 10:08 AM | #43
Ipartyinadiaper on The Fatman: LVL 47 Veng Jugg

Deceit - Vildhjarta

"To take you out became my aim, but this is so much worse.
Your name will be disgraced in shame, as time flows in reverse."

When that breakdown hits...lives end

OmniKira's Avatar

07.24.2012 , 07:09 PM | #44
Master of Puppets
Universal sucker punch...

TwistedTony's Avatar

07.24.2012 , 10:29 PM | #45
For my marauder, "I Am Hell" by Machine Head
The Bastion - Descension
Rexas - Juggernaut, Predatus - Marauder, Malitus - Assassin
Vigilax - Guardian

spencer_'s Avatar

07.27.2012 , 03:11 PM | #46
Mahna Mahna

I hum this every time I start a fight. As an unkillable immortal death machine, I simply see my opponent's attempts to kill me as amusing.

Telretha's Avatar

07.27.2012 , 04:16 PM | #47
Concerning Hobbits.

Because my Sith Warrior just wants to settle down and relax, but she just get's forced into slaying everything!
"Hokey religions and ancient weapons ain't no use for a blaster at your side, kid." - Han Solo

Kayin's Avatar

11.07.2012 , 03:04 AM | #48
The instrument of domination

_biddan_'s Avatar

11.07.2012 , 04:29 PM | #49
i'm a light sided tank male zabrak,this,is the perfect song for him.
two steps from hell-immortal
The Red Eclipse

Caesar Legacy
Legacy lvl 50

Ardim's Avatar

11.07.2012 , 09:55 PM | #50
New songs for my Marauder (From Half Life 2 Soundtracks):

What Kind of Hospital Is This?
Vortal Combat
Through Passion, We gain Strength!
Darth Chroan The Empire's Wrath
Vengeance for Marr and the Empire!