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Are threat dumps and enrage times the only mechanics BW know?

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Are threat dumps and enrage times the only mechanics BW know?

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02.27.2012 , 04:27 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by yugotoobo View Post
What other game besides wow has these kind of quality mechanics? I wouldn't know I guess. I think when you look at what we have in game and the infinite possibilties of what is to come there is going to be alot of crazy fights.


yea um EQ was doing this a decade before WoW, its getting a little stale at this point. Also you missed the entire point of enrage timer being a GEAR CHECK not MECHANIC.

If your 'top' guild refers to this as a mechanic you are not 'top' of anything except your own ego's. sorry.

Also you might want to ask your guild tank how many of those so called 'infinite possibilies he has encountered with a whopping 2 things to choose from', bet ya he agree's with me. Would have to be silly not to.

Kaon was indeed fun the one and only time I found a group to run it My guildies dont even do HM FP as there is literally no incentive after having been through EV a couple times even on regular.