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Sorc Talents Raiding....

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12.19.2011 , 12:24 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by kinggreenwolf View Post
im just going to put it out there but if your doing end game raiding. Why are you using an aoe tree and secondly why are you using the pvp tree. I think people see lighning and are like ooooooooh lightning.

first of all you cant use all that much aoe in end game raiding if you need to cc things 2nd of all the madness tree for sorcs is op

i have not found a dps meter but i can tell you at lvl 30 i constintly pull over 220k damage in huttball and thats with actually playing the game and not just dpsing for the sake of it. with my lightning spec i can pull 160k max. however that is not with being able to max chain lightning the best i struggle with it cos of the cast time to be far.

now some facts for you the last spell on lightning and madness, the madness one does 400 more damage just on the tooltip alone i do except that there are other factors let me go into them

lightning 50% increase in crit damage bonus
madness is only 30% however you get a 20% increase in all damage from your dots when you use death field and on top of that you get another 20% increase on damage after a lighning procs

then start taking into accont your other skills and start looking at the tree and comparing dps bonuses and i think you will come to the conclusion that i did

lastly i just want to point out the whirlwing on both trees on one you have lowered duration which at end game raiding you shouldnt need cos by the time it stops your cd is down and if someone breaks your cc then you have bigger problems then your cd you have an idiot in your end game raiding. the other one on madness allows you to have insta cast whirlwind which is epicly useful in pvp (for the stun when broken) and in pve so you can actually wait for the tank to jump in and then cc instead of guess when he is going and start channeling 1.5 seconds before the exact time he goes in if not in end game raiding your going to see your mob run into the pack making aoe damage impossible (hurting your own dps in lightning ALOT) or if you go to soon your going to get bum ra*ed as if you drop the soap in the max security prison and you have a note stapled to your back with an arrow pointing down and writing saying 18th hole

im gonna copy and past this into a new thread and talk about madness dps more my build and so on
I hope this helps with your raiding
Excellent post!
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12.19.2011 , 09:40 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexanderTerry View Post
Excellent post!
Funny how in the other thread where he posted this everyone correctly said he was wrong.

He is using PvP performance to compare 2 trees which is completely different to PvE, and somehow he thinks Lightning is the PvP tree?
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