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Developing as a PvE guild

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02.25.2012 , 11:47 PM | #1
For the last 2 weeks my guild has been stuck on HM bonethrasher. We tried everything on the net, all the strats from, videos, and even posted on the forum here:

After fourty+ wipes on Bonethrasher we finally downed him. After that we progressed to either one-shotting or two-shotting every other boss, including Karagga.

Thank you to the forums for being so helpful. As well, bonethrasher is a damn nightmare that is full of chaos. But the MAIN reason I don't like it is because my guild's tanks are amazing at what they do. This fight has NOTHING for them, which sucks for them because they feel useless, and it makes us work harder because if we take them the dps will have to pick up their slack (even if they switch to DPS specs)

I am glad bioware is trying to think outside of the box, but this was not a success in my opinion. The rest of the raids are awesome (minus the bugs)
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