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Boarding Party Hardmode Last Boss

alifaraaz's Avatar

02.25.2012 , 07:12 PM | #1
Yep, another thread about this :P But not so much a complaint, as an enquiry.

I just did this, and I have to say - it was mental. Most of the group was well geared, mix of columni and other epics and 1 or 2 rakata. Apart from the tank (me) who's basically got entry level blues and customs avg rating 114 or something.

We tried the normal tactics, and certain variations - killing healer first, or killing Massey first. And we got like half way - till Jorland enrages and he screwed us over.

We eventually did it, but sort of by cheating in a way :P I tanked healer and Jorland, interrupting heals while dps burned Massey.

Then as soon as shield was off, I began running. DPS took the healer, and started killing, while I kited jorland, around the WHOLE map. I mean literally all the way back to the circular room. I was running for a long time.

The rest of the group killed the healer by dpsing, certain members dying, and then ressing and running back to join the fight again until Healer died.

They then ran back to me at the circle room - and I just kept running circles, while the dps just did a couple of thousand dmg as i ran past, and healer topped me off. we EVENTUALLY killed the guy, and Im not joking it took like 20mins.

Im actually so so GLAD that Jorland didnt have a hard-enrage timer :P or we'd be screwed.

My question is - seriously how is this fight meant to be done? And why couldnt we do it the proper way? Do we suck, did I (tank) lack gear?

Nonetheless I should say - it was the most fun I've ever had on this game :P Although slightly cheating - actually felt it to be a very creative way of getting around the game mechanics XD

schnopsnosn's Avatar

02.25.2012 , 07:20 PM | #2
If your DPS are Columi/Rakata-geared and you still hit the enrage-timer at 50% of Jorland your DPS is as bad as it gets to be honest.

Our tactics for this encounter:
Tank tanks all of them(only taunting Jorland), me and the other DPS zerg down the healer(ALWAYS interrupt his Restorative Scan).
After that kill Massey and Jorland is straight forward after that.

Heal and DPS standing rather close together so the AoE-heal affects us(mostly Merc-heal), Jorland's rockets aren't that bad in their current state, they were a lot worse in January when they dealt 7-8k per hit.

Jaryyn's Avatar

02.26.2012 , 12:29 AM | #3
oddly enough over the last two days I have been in two separate pug groups, all with similar gear (some tionese and columi) and we zerg down Jorland first...interrupting his knockback. Then we kill Massey....everyone is up for the healer at the end. The healing is intense early but we had everyone pop all their class defensive cds and medpack and we're all at around 70% hp or better when Jorland goes down. A player in my group said Jorland couldn't be dps'd first but after some convincing we went with this strat. We found the healer doesn't heal often enough for it to be an issue. Just wanted to put this out there for people experiencing frustration on this boss. Try it might work for your group.

we had:

op heals
Jugg tank
Assassin dps (me)
Marauder dps

Battilea's Avatar

02.26.2012 , 05:30 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by alifaraaz View Post
My question is - seriously how is this fight meant to be done? And why couldnt we do it the proper way? Do we suck, did I (tank) lack gear?
From what you described, the DPS sucks. Though it is possible that you somehow contribute to their sucking. For example, if you stood too close to the boss, leading to him using his knockback, causing melee dps to get knocked away from the healer, that would be your bad. If you took so much damage that a dps had to shift to healing instead of DPS'ing, that'd also be bad.

Ideally, you should be beating on the healer as well, having used AoEs to get aggro from the boss and using taunt when possible to get the chief on you. And once the healer is down, the group should bunch up, far enough away from the main boss that he won't knock back. By bunching up when beating on Massey, he won't run from place to place, which would lower melee dps. And once he is down, then you just need to finish the boss.

Hyppyrotta's Avatar

02.26.2012 , 06:34 AM | #5
It is just a dps fight, if your dps is not enough it is almost impossible to win this fight.

Machtkatze's Avatar

02.26.2012 , 06:38 AM | #6
It's quite easy if you maximize dps by giving the guy on the left not much room to move around, but still, columi/rakata gear should never need this, something went wrong there.

Just have your group stay as close together as possible without grenade damage spreading, build some aggro on the guy in the middle and the healer, and then go pound away on the guy on the left.
You want to have enough aggro on the guy in the middle so that you can stay on the guy on the left until he's dead.
And never ever pull him back into the middle, you'll eat knockbacks there, just taunt him away from whoever he jumped on and stay with your group to maximize dps.

After that, healer(interrupts!) -> middle.

Kru-gar's Avatar

02.26.2012 , 07:04 AM | #7
I just did this yesterday with 3 semi fresh 50s, 2 BHs that really don't have heat management under control yet. I was able to just heal through the enrage for about 30s. The DPS was fine under AoE healing and DoTing while I focused on the tank. Its not nearly as bad as I remember it a month ago.

alifaraaz's Avatar

02.26.2012 , 07:14 AM | #8
Thanks for the responses and suggestions Should I ever do this again anytime soon I'll definitely try it.

Bogartbc's Avatar

02.28.2012 , 09:05 AM | #9
Did this last night with a fresh 50 Dps(sin) and Healer(merc), our raid Tank(jug) and myself(sorc) respecced into DPS using my offset. We burned the healer first with assigned interrupt rotations. Tank saber throw for the pull followed by a charge interrupting the 1st heal, I got the 2nd, Sin got the 3rd, let the 4th go so the Tank could get his large heal /repeat. You could have the Healer get the 4th if damage is light and he/she is fast enough. The Tank unloaded on the npc that generates the shield for hate then helped with the healer npc. hence why the tank is last on the interrupt rotation. We rolled offensive CDs/Relics against the Healer, used whatever CDs/medpacks/Relics up for the shield generating Npc.

If you are hitting the enrage timer but have killed the 2 goons try having your tank save CDs for the enrage. Also dont interrupt his channeled attacks during the enrage. Both are easier to heal and you at least have 5 seconds of him not tossing grenades? at anyone.

Hope this helps

jonnybigboy's Avatar

02.28.2012 , 09:48 AM | #10
We were doing this fight in oranges and blues before they nerfed it (they used to be champions, they're just elites now). Yes, it's probably the toughest of the boss encounters in any of the FP HM, which isn't really saying much.

Back when gear was an issue, we'd have the tank pull Jorland up the stairs leading into the bridge and getting just out of range of us. I believe he stops grenading when he just has the tank on him like this .... all I know is that, as the healer, the tank seemingly could live forever up there. When the tank was low on HP or just wanted his shield back, he'd come forward a bit and I'd heal/shield him. In the meantime, DPS burned the healer. You *MUST* interrupt healing PROBE .. you can let every other spell go by, just be sure to get that one. Once medic died, we'd all run up to join the tank on the balcony and zerg down JORLAND. Yes, while shielded. His shield, while doing some reflect damage nerfs his grenade damage, too and back when gear was an issue it was that enraged grenade damage that would kill us. So, burn Jorland 2nd and Massey last. Massey is a panzy .. even enraged it's trivial to heal through.

Now that gear is not an issue ... we just burn medic->massey->jorland. I ask the ranged to stand close enough to the tank so I can healing circle everyone. It goes fast and easy.

Doing my daily last week, I had a group of all fresh 50's. We wiped on this fight as they enraged before Massey while Massey was still like 40% and I couldn't keep up the healing through enraged unshielded grenades. I suggested the above strat and we won! hurray!