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was Anakin's belief wrong?

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02.27.2012 , 06:40 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by socialwaif View Post
Anakin saught to use the force to keep his loved ones alive longer, ie past the end of their 'natural life.' in fact, he may hav wanted nothing more than outright immortality. what is the force able to do in regards to aging, its processes, and effects. i am mostly curious what ability the force has to manipulate such things. however, i expect that the use of that much Force would have some mighty, and negative or deleterious affects/effects on the user. i am also open to discussion of such related things.

Of the two people Anakin was attached to enough to want to save, neither died what could be called naturaly. His mother was murdered by Sand People. His wife, well, not even the medical droid could explain why she died... just that she didn't want to live anymore.

As for the Force extending life, its happend several times throughout SW lore. An example that stands out was the Sith Leader (of the race, before they mixed with jedi - not the sith now) that lead his people for hundreds of years and fought against the Infinite (Rakata) Empire.

As for side affects, who knows. Don't seem like their would be any. Still remember from the movie just before Yoda died and Luke is all "You can't die." and Yoda responds "I'm strong in the force, but not that strong." Kinda implies that someone stronger in the force would be able to live longer.

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02.27.2012 , 07:30 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Tegamal View Post
Sorry for your loss.
Thanks dude. Wasn't trying to get real morbid or anything, just the only thing I could think of that would fit the discussion. If I kept him alive I would've been selfish, and heartless
======= God Bless