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master loot "bug" consistency

tuckwd's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 08:28 AM | #1
have ran into this "bug" a couple of times now on Bonethrasher in KP HM 8 man as well as 16 man. he did not drop any rakata pieces, just exotech gear and schems.

i know some people have not had a problem with this and some have. some also believe that it isn't a bug because it hasn't been confirmed by devs, unlike many of the community that has reported it and devs have not said anything about it.

my main question is does the consistency stick? or is it random? for example if bonethrasher doesn't drop any rakata..does that mean the rest of the bosses won't either? any tips on bypassing this with master loot (resets etc.)? guild policy is for us to use master loot which is understandable but just annoying in situations like these.

i just wish devs would confirm..