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Trooper only guilds

noonia's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 10:16 PM | #1
Hallo there gentlemen.

I would like to know any of you guys is informed regarding some trooper-only RPish guilds that might be around and tend to work in the form of a squad/company.

Thank you in advance ,

Noonia out

Leyv's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 10:23 PM | #2

they look awesome differant server to me sadly or I'd have joined up in a second

noonia's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 10:47 PM | #3
thats US mate , i am EU

Leyv's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 12:28 AM | #4
Perhaps mentioning that in the post would have been useful?
also perhaps saying which server you currently play on so we can narrow it down a little would also be handy..

this is the trooper want mind reading , roll a jedi.

other than the one I linked I've encountered no squad /company based rp guilds on my server (shaltin tunnels) but they may just be really quiet...
You'd probably have better luck logging on and just asking in general or using the forum's guild recruitment page to sell your idea as here we're troopers from all over the globe.

OVRdrive's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 02:22 AM | #5
I used to be in one back when I was in an RP server. The beauty about having an all trooper guild is that it just makes so much sense! Within a squad, you'll have your tank, healer, and dps and it would be perfectly in character. If you can't find one, you should think about starting up your own because all trooper gameplay is pretty fun!

Cavadus's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 04:17 AM | #6
Link is in the sig.
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johanlofdahl's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 05:27 AM | #7
I am playing on EU - Lord Calypho RP-PvP and there's one called Fifth Infantry Battalion there.
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bunzo's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 03:58 PM | #8

Alpha Company is the premier all trooper guild.

Great place, great guys.

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03.21.2012 , 05:21 PM | #9
Major Alrek Torik
Company Commander
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Gullyflow's Avatar

09.01.2012 , 02:47 PM | #10
Wish i could join, I don't fit the requirements though.