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Thursday Morning Wrath

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02.23.2012 , 07:08 PM | #1
the mundane and ordinary life of an average light side female sith warrior

The time was 10:01am standard, and Malavai Quinn hit the button that opened the door to the personal quarters of the Emperor’s Wrath.
It didn’t do anything.
Because the door was already open.
It also had the Wrath’s robe in it. There was a trail of her clothing leading from the ship’s disembarkation ramp at the rear to her quarters.
Malavai cleared his throat to make a noise, which was answered in kind with a thrown black silk pillow in his general direction.
“Apologies my lord, but you left standing orders to wake you at ten-hundred hours.”
The Wrath grumbled into her pillow. “What time is it now?”
“10:01, my lord.” Quinn replied.
“And where was I last night, Captain?” The Wrath mumbled.
“My lord was in a Nar Shaddaa dive bar engaged in a drinking contest with Lieutenant Pierce, my lord.” Quinn said.
“And who won?” The Wrath replied.
“I believe you did my lord, although it was on the 7th round of Hutt Tequila.” Quinn adjusted his uniform collar.
“And, when Hutt Tequila was involved, did I not mention that standing orders for wake-up protocols were rescinded?” The Wrath rolled over in her bed and readied herself for another daring pillow-related assault.
“No my lord, you never gave any such order.” Quinn gulped.
There was indistinguishable grumbling into the pillow.
“Malavai, you are up for promotion-” She said.
“You honor me, my lord.” Quinn interjected.
“To the rank of Boyfriend. Your duties in this new office include servicing your lord carnally, and NOT WAKING HER UP WHEN SHE HAS A HANGOVER. If you are found in dereliction of these duties, you will be courtmartialed, broken up with, and shot out of the airlock. Do I make myself clear?” The Wrath moaned.
“Yes... Yes, at once my lord.” Quinn kicked The Wrath’s robe out of the way of the door and closed it.

The Wrath laid in bed for the better part of another half hour, thinking to herself.
Why did I let Pierce order Hutt Tequila?
Why am I even attracted to Malavai?

It occurred to her, looking around the room, that she had no idea where her pants were. She had no idea if there was even a drawer on her ship that had pants in it, everything on the Sith Fury was black, grey, or had a red blinking light.
Oh that’s why I date him. Organizational skills.

The Wrath eventually rolled out of her bed with all the grace of a sick nerf, found her robe on the floor, put it on, and staggered out of her room into the common area.
“Morning, my lord. Congratulations on your victory last night.” The lieutenant grinned.
“Shut up.” The Wrath replied. “Go do that thing I always tell you to do whenever you’re not out shooting people.”
“Right away my lord. Would that be slicing missions or having one-nighters with you in the cargo hold?” Pierce chuckled.
“I’m still to drunk to f- OH MY GOD TELL ME WE DIDN’T.” She yelled.
“No, that was last month. You staggered onto the ship and fell into bed.” Pierce reported.
“Oh thank Lucasfilm. That was a one time thing, okay? You’re not dating material. I’m not going to do the whole boyfriend thing with you. I mean, dismissed. Yea. Go do things while I sit here and sober up.” The Wrath flopped down on the couch.
I’m not THAT cheap. I’m a classy Sith Lord. I mean, I wouldn’t sleep with Pierce again unless there was like a really good reason, like if Malavai betrayed me, or something.
No sooner did Pierce leave than Jaesa came into the room.
“My lord, I must speak with you, is it safe?” She asked.
“That depends, did your Jedi masters teach you any hangover cures that worked?” The Wrath replied.
“No... My lord, Jedi don’t drink. At least not until they cut off their padawan braids.” Jaesa explained.
“No wonder they’re all so useless in a fight.” The Wrath observed.
“My lord, please. I’ve found another Light sided Sith. Can we aid them?”
Sigh, being light sided sure is a pain in the *** sometimes. This girl really stretches it.
“I dunno Jaesa, do we have to do this right now? I kind of have a headache.”
“But my lord,” Jaesa squealed. “He could be discovered at any moment!”
“Fine. Call him up and tell him he can sleep on the couch. But no pets. If he’s cute, you can keep him.” The Wrath sighed.
“Keep him, master? I’m not sure I understand.” Jaesa blushed.
“You could use a boy-toy, loosen you up a bit.” The Wrath mumbled.
“I don’t... follow, master.” Jaesa insisted.
No surprise there. I wonder what she would have been like if I told her to embrace the dark side? She’d probably go off the deep end and end up being a romance option for a male player.
Jaesa left, confused.
“Hey go get me a class 4 lockbox or something!” The Wrath yelled back at her, and then started mumbling at the droid.
“2V-R8, coffee. Black. get your metal *** in gear or I swear by all the powers of Industrial Light and Magic I’ll deactivate you so fast your batteries will spin.”
“Yes my lord!” The droid piped up, then came back shortly with coffee.
“Does it please my lord?” The droid asked.
“Yea, shut up. Go do slicing missions.” The Wrath sipped her coffee.

The Wrath sat and drank coffee for awhile and clicked the holo on to see what was on the TiVo. She was very disappointed to see that someone had deleted the Huttball match she wanted to watch, and replaced it with Corelia Shore. Slowly, while she watched Shookiee the wookiee get drunk and tangle her hair extensions, her hangover abated. She turned the holo off after The Sithuation gained a cheap 50 dark side points by telling Shookiee’s mate that they had hooked up.

It occurred to The Wrath that she had been a jerk that morning and that she ought to go apologize. She thought about saying she was sorry to Quinn.
Screw that. I don’t want him to get any ideas that its ok to wake me up after I’ve been drinking. He needs to learn some boyfriend instinct.
She thought she should apologize to Jaesa.
What? Why?
Oh right, Light side 5. Gotta get those relics. Fine.
Jaesa was meditating in the medbay, which was pretty typical for her.
“Hey, Jaesa, did you get in touch with that Sith good guy?” The Wrath asked.
“Oh, uh, he hasn’t called back yet.” Jaesa replied.
“Well did he have a cute bu- I MEAN, hey, I’m sorry I said those things about you an hour ago. That was mean.” The Wrath apologized.
“I don’t understand, Master? What mean things?” Jaesa was confused.
The Wrath didn’t know what to think.
“So, Jaesa, when you were in the Jedi academy, was there ever a boy padawan that you liked, like more than a friend?” The Wrath asked.
“Nope.” Jaesa shrugged.
This is going to make a lot more sense when Bioware gives us same-sex romance options. The Wrath thought.
“Alright, I’m going to see what Vette is up too!” And then, before Jaesa could say anything awkward, The Wrath left the room.

“Hey Vette!” The Wrath greeted her former slave.
“Oh, hi my lord.” She said. “Didn’t think you’d be up this early.”
“Yea, me neither... Quinn woke me up. Jerk. Oh hey, that reminds me- You know that thing you do that really annoys him?”
“You mean when I do my impression of that admiral that screwed up his career?” Vette chuckled.
“Yea, that. Do that today. Like a lot. Do it for me.” The Wrath said.
Then she remembered she was going for Light Side 5.
Scrub it off with Diplomacy.
“Of course, my lord.” Vette obliged.
“Oh and god dammit, how many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me ‘my lord’? You’re like my best friend.” The Wrath insisted.
“Sorry my lord. Force of habit. Sith business, Grr! Argh!” She gestured.
“Oh come on, we’re not that bad.” The Wrath pouted. “They talk up the whole ‘kill everyone else’ thing at the academy a lot, but it’s not really that evil. We had extracurricular programs and everything. I was on a volleyball team. The Kor’slugs. We were the champions of the Korriban All Sith girls volleyball league.”
“Really?” Vette laughed.
“I used to have the trophy but I vendored it for credits on Tatooine to buy a new lightsaber hilt.” The Wrath shrugged.
“Oh hey, are we going to that Sith Formal on saturday night?” Vette asked.
“Eh... I dunno. I’ve got nothing to wear and I kind of want to lose 5 pounds. My Sith pants feel a little tighter than usual lately.” The Wrath shrugged.
“You want to borrow one of my little black dresses?” Vette offered.
“Yea right, as if I could fit into one of your little body type 1 slips. Maybe we’ll go shopping after-”
The Wrath was cut off by the beeping of the intercom.
“Call for you, my lord.” Quinn said.
The Wrath rolled her eyes, and then walked back to the common area to access the holoterminal.
It was the Hand of the Emperor on line 1.
“THE WRATH MUST ORDER.” Servant Two added.
“Oh. Uh... damn, is it lunch time already? Okay fine. 12 inch turkey-bacon-avocado on wheat with cheddar.” The Wrath replied.
“IS THAT IT?” Servant One asked.
“THE WRATH HESITATES.” Servant Two added.
“Uhm... Get me a diet coke and a bag of barbecue potato chips too, I guess. The baked ones. I think I need to start a diet.”
The Hand of the Emperor hung up, and The Wrath pinched herself on the tummy.
I’m not fat. I’m still only body type 2, it sure beats the hell out of being a skinny twi’lek.
TK-421, the fragrance for men.
"Because it was a boring conversation anyways."

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02.23.2012 , 09:47 PM | #2
I love you.

I really really really really do.

I wish I had your skill.
Time to go a-killing!

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02.24.2012 , 03:02 PM | #3

The continuing mundane afternoon of an average female Sith warrior.

“Let’s go in that one!” The Wrath pointed to a department store sign.

“Forever TK421? Ew. No. I don’t think they have anything your style in there, its all colorful and seventeen years old kind of stuff- More Jaesa’s thing.” Vette explained.

“Ew. Okay. You know what? You’re the Nar Shaddaa local, you pick the shopping spot.” The Wrath told Vette.

“Much obliged. There’s a kick-*** little boutique on the lower promenade that all the twi’lek girls get their dancer outfits at, they have some pretty raunchy stuff you might like.” Vette insisted.

“Raunchy? I don’t know. Its a Formal. I was thinking of something a little more serious.” The Wrath said.

“What? The dress you wore last year was pretty daring. Didn’t the plunging neckline go all the way down to your belly button?” Vette asked.

“Well, last year I was Darth Baras’s apprentice, this year he’s dead and I’m the highest Sith authority in the empire. I think I kind of owe it to myself to class it up this year.” The Wrath shrugged.

“But that dress looked really good on you!” Vette teased.

“Honey, I killed in that dress.” The Wrath admitted.

“You did.” Vette nodded.

“No, I mean I literally killed a man in that dress. Some creepy smuggler grabbed my *** and I went full Dark Side on him. Ruined the dress. Never got the blood stains out.”

“Moving on.” Vette shrugged. They went into the sexy twi’lek store. It was full of things too awesome and racy to be described and still comply with the forum’s TOS.

“Oh my Lucas!” The Wrath whispered. “Its like the kind of store that 16 year old boys fantasize that women shop at.”

Vette rolled her eyes. “Or its the kind of store your master makes you shop at when you’re a slave.”

“Oh... OH! I’m sooooo sorry.” The Wrath was mortified.

Wait, is that the same shock collar Vette was wearing when I met her?
It is!

“Vette, I don’t think I’m naive when it comes to that sort of thing, but why does this fetish shop sell slaving tools?” The Wrath asked.

Oh wait! No, I take that back! I don’t actually want to know the answer to that question!

Vette shrugged. “Marital aid. Kind of like those 8 lightsabers in your underwear drawer.”


“THAT IS NOT WHAT THOSE ARE FOR. They are weapons. I collect them. Most of them saved my life on occasion, I can’t just throw them away, they’re like old friends.” The Wrath insisted.

“What about that one with the little studs on the shaft? He looks pretty friendly.” Vette grinned.

“That’s not a... uh... a SHAFT. That’s a hilt. And its ergonomic. Its for helping your grip.” The Wrath blushed.

That sounded even dirtier. Narrator! Where the hell are you? Bail me out!
You’re on your own on this one, girl.
Come on! This is way too deep! You’re gonna get us both banned!
Only if you promise to do your light side diplomacy missions like a good girl.
That’s not fair! I’m not gonna pay two thousand credits just to get a pile of sleen tails for Broonmark! That’s my weekend fun money!
Well I guess you better figure your own way out of this one then, Because otherwise everyone in fan fiction is going to know all about your personal business, Wrath.
Ok fine! You win! I’ll do the damn diplomacy missions. Please!

“I feel suddenly compelled to change the subject, even though its contrary to my character and I would never normally turn down any opportunity to pry into someone’s humiliating personal life.” Vette felt herself saying.

She shook her head briefly to try to get the narrator to stop tugging on her lekku, but ultimately behaved herself. “Okay what about this one? Its not as daring as your last dress but it still shows some pretty good skin.”

“Eh, see that’s what I’m trying to avoid. You have great skin. You’re all colored pretty and have sexy tattoos. I tangle with people who try to chop me into stew meat with lightsabers all day, I’m all freckles and scars.” The Wrath explained.

“Freckles are cute though!” Vette insisted.

“Yea, when you’re like six.” The Wrath shrugged. “I was thinking maybe something more kind of fetishy? Like still sexy, but not revealing? Maybe like a high collar, long sleeves, long skirt?”

“You mean like this one?” Vette picked out a dress. “Check out this slit up the thigh, that’s hot.”

“It might be too risque.” The Wrath shrugged.

“No way girl, you have great hips. Besides, if it was like, completely skin tight, that’d be a little too fetishy.” Vette insisted.

“You’re probably right. I can just get some ****** thigh-highs and a garter and work it. You really think I have good hips?” The Wrath asked.

“Oh yea. That extra 5 pounds you put on really curved you out. Its good. Malavai will like it.” Vette nodded.

So I did gain 5 pounds!

“Ugh. That reminds me. We’re having Broonie Burgers for dinner tonight.” The Wrath moped.

“Yea I was meaning to ask you- Why do we have that giant murder muppet on our ship again?” Vette asked.

“Ok look, I admit it was a bad decision. At the time I thought the idea of a sociopathic giant walking stuffed animal was kind of funny. But he’s creepy and he sheds everywhere, and I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the hell he’s saying when he makes those honking noises. I have to read the subtitles too.” The Wrath admitted.

“But he sure can barbecue.” Vette added.

“Which is why I’m up 5 pounds, and why we’re keeping him.” The Wrath concluded.

“So are you gonna take Malavai as your date to the formal? He cleans up nice and wears the dress uniform well.” Vette asked.

“Eh... I kind of thought about going solo on this one. I don’t want to get trapped in any conversations with manipulative Sith lords and have to stand there and listen to them hash about their elaborate strategies and plans.” The Wrath explained.

“Isn’t elaborate strategies and plans the thing that Malavai is really good at? He could talk that kind of junk all night with those guys.” Vette added.

Oh wait. Malavai getting all evil genius is also the thing that turns me on.

“Yea... I’m defintely taking Malavai straight to bed- I MEAN TO THE FORMAL.”

“Good for you!” Vette teased. “Oh hey, can I ask you a favor?”

“Anything for you Vette, you’re my BFF.” The Wrath replied.

“So I’m not seeing anyone lately... Can I borrow that one lightsaber?”

I hate you so much, narrator.

I hate you sooooo much.
TK-421, the fragrance for men.
"Because it was a boring conversation anyways."

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02.24.2012 , 03:22 PM | #4
These are awesome and so funny. Keep it up!

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02.24.2012 , 04:37 PM | #5
I love you.


For writing this.

And continuing it.

And making me laugh so hard I spit my bacon pasta out all over myself.

(true story)
Time to go a-killing!

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02.24.2012 , 08:13 PM | #6
I... I think I might have actually pulled a muscle laughing so hard. Oh my God, this is so brilliant. The banter, the meta, EVERYTHING!

Oh God please let there be more soon! *gets on knees and begs*

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02.24.2012 , 10:07 PM | #7
well i just got laid off at work today (as a research writer)
so its looking like it might be a productive weekend (as a creative writer)

TK-421, the fragrance for men.
"Because it was a boring conversation anyways."

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02.25.2012 , 04:08 PM | #8
The continuing mundane and normal life of a light side female Sith warrior.

Servant One: Shenanigans? Really? You're slipping, man.

"So I can't believe you, of all people, are married." The Wrath said. "Mom said you'd be a bachelorette forever."

"Yea well, mom's an exception." Public Enemy Number One shrugged.

"Exception to what?" The Wrath asked.

"Exception to the rule that after I prove someone wrong, I shoot them in the face." Public Enemy Number One shrugged.

"Well, we just all kind of thought you were a total black widow. I mean, you did shoot your senior prom date." The Wrath elaborated.

"He ran off right before the slow dance started to try to pick up some other girl. What was I supposed to do, pick the light side option and let him play me?" Public Enemy Number One rolled her eyes.

"He was a teenage boy. He'd go after anything that walked and wore a skirt if it batted their eyes at him. That's what they do." The Wrath replied.

"Well, I might not have shot him if she was hotter than me, I could understand that. But she was dumpy looking. It was a personal insult. Bang." Public Enemy Number One made a shooting gesture with her finger.

She's as charming as I remember her!

"So how did you get all wifed up anyways?" The Wrath asked.

"Well, you know how it goes, I was running around the galaxy, shooting people, getting paid, generally getting hassled by Jedi over some crime I committed that was only a crime if you considered Republic Law to be sovereign, and shooting the defenseless and unarmed to be wrong..." Public Enemy Number One started.

"Why don't you tell me less about the war criminal part and more about the guy." The Wrath interjected.

"Oh right. Well, He's Mandalorian. Like really traditional Mandalorian. And he kind of met all the requirements I have for a man, you know? He did good damage, cooked, didn't talk a lot, and he had a libido like a wild rancor." Public Enemy Number One explained nonchalantly.

The Wrath nearly spat out her drink.

"So when he proposed, and he was like 'blah blah blah marry me' something in Mando'a, I was like, well, I'm not getting any younger, and I haven't shot him yet. Might as well try it." Public Enemy Number One shrugged.

"So how's it working out then?" The Wrath asked.

"Don't get married." Public Enemy Number One insisted. "Find a man and just keep him, but don't marry him. I married him because he didn't talk a lot, and then right after the honeymoon, he wouldn't shut up. All this crap about how we were going to have all these kids and raise them as proper Mandalorians, and go on family hunting trips and fight Jedi... I almost shot him right there, but we were in low orbit over Ilum and there wasn't another man for 5,000 parsecs to replace him with."

"So you don't want to have children? Ever?" The Wrath asked.

"I dont know. Maybe if they were force sensitive like you, then I could just drop them off at the Sith Academy on their sixth birthday and be free again." Public Enemy Number One shrugged.

"Thanks. I had almost forgotten what a ruthless and heartless ***** you are, sis." The Wrath replied.

"Yea well, you know. I have a reputation to think about. But what the hell am I gonna do with kids? My husband thinks he's a weekend war hero, my best friend is a con-artist, I somehow have a homeless career criminal sociopath on my roster, and a pet jawa. Who's gonna watch out for the little brats? Mako? She's hopeless. Can't even shoot straight."

"I think that's the only time I've ever heard you say anything personally responsilbe." The Wrath stated.

"What are you talking about? I'm totally responsible. Responsible for like a dozen shootings, and I always bring back my bounties. I'm the portrait of professionalism." Public Enemy Number One shrugged.

"That's not really what I meant but okay, sure." The Wrath shrugged.

"So How about you? You seeing anyone?" Public Enemy Number One asked.

Poor thing is probably still a virgin.

What? You're a telepath?
We're on the family plan. Empire Strikes Back rules.
I thought you had to be like totally awesome at the Force to do that?
Nope. That's the first thing that they teach you at the academy. Original trilogy rules. You can do mindtricks and telepathy and stuff whenever its convenient to the plot.
What about the whole midichlorian thing?
Nope. The Force is magic. Midichlorians just give you cancer. A whole buttload of cancer.

Okay, so why is your inner monologue text pink, then?
matches my lightsaber crystal.

"Okay, so do you have a boyfriend?" Public Enemy Number One asked, again.

"Oh yea. Sometimes he's kind of a pain in the *** to get into the bedroom though." The Wrath shrugged.

"Does he not like sex or something?"

"No he does, he's just got this whole Duty-Before-Pleasure attitude. Career Imperial Navy thing."

"Aren't you a Sith Lord? Can't you just tell him his new duty is servicing you?" Public Enemy Number One suggested.

"That's actually exactly what I did on Thursday." The Wrath blushed.

"So he's like a military guy? Is that your type? Men in uniform?"

"Eh... Kind of. I mean when you're a Sith Lord you can pretty much have boys in uniform whenever you want. I keep him because he's a tactical genius. Every once in a while he goes off on this whole braniac super villain thing and its totally hot." The Wrath admitted.


"Oh yea. On Friday, he betrayed me. Ratted me out to my former master, led me into this trap, programmed these robots to kill me and stuff. I mean I was mad at him at first, right? Who wouldn't be? But by the time I dragged him back onto my ship I was so. Turned. On. Best angry sex I ever had." The Wrath explained.

"That's kind of kinky." Public Enemy Number One replied.

"So what are we eating here anyways?" The Wrath pointed to her plate.

"Charbroiled wraid *****." Public Enemy One took a huge bite.

The Wrath spat out her food. "Are you serious?"

"Its good isn't it?" Public Enemy One took a huge bite.

"I just didn't expect..."

"That's pretty much Mandalorian cooking in a nutshell. They run out into the jungle, kill the meanest thing they can find, roast its genitals, then dump sriracha rooster sauce on it." Public Enemy Number One explained. "You want to get a plate of fried nexu ********s? They're to die for."
TK-421, the fragrance for men.
"Because it was a boring conversation anyways."

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02.26.2012 , 03:07 AM | #9
*snort* I laughed so hard at this. And the rest of the people in the house was sleeping, so it was really hard to be quiet.
Time to go a-killing!

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02.26.2012 , 03:54 PM | #10
The continuing normal week of an average female sith warrior

Servant One: Wait, is that why she went to do her dailies? She never does her dailies. What the hell is wrong with her, parking like that?
Servant Two: THE WRATH HAD A FEMININE EMERGENCY AND oh, why hello there, Wrath.

What the hell are you guys talking about?

Servant One: Nothing. Nothing embarrassing at all. Are you PMSing?



"You hit me in the face with your lightsaber hilt? What the hell is wrong with you?" The Wrath wiped blood from her lip.

"I'm a Jedi, you're a Sith, I must stop you from doing whatever evil it is you're about to conduct." The Jedi preached.

"What the hell man, I'm a girl! You hit a GIRL in the face!" The Wrath began wiping blood up with the end of her robe.

"Well, you deserved it for being... a bad person. And wearing black, and looking like a goth." The Jedi faltered.

"Listen you ******e, let me explain something to you. You hit a guy in the face, yea that's cool. He gets to go to the bar with his macho buddies and tell everyone he's been in a fight and they all pump testosterone together and feel good about themselves. You hit a girl in the face, I walk around all day and people either think I have an abusive boyfriend, or I'm some kind of cheap skank turning tricks in a freighter-stop bathroom on the back side of the Kessel Run." The Wrath ranted.

"Well, when you put it like that, I'm kind of sorry? But you still deserved it for doing bad things." The Jedi shrugged.

"Doing bad things? YOU aggroed on ME. I was trying to ninja you. Do you think I would have rode past you on my speeder if I wanted to fight you? Hello? Force Charge? You wouldn't have seen me coming if I wanted to kill you, I would have done my Shaquille O'neil right into your face with my lightsaber. What the hell happened to that thing where Jedi don't start fights, you jerk?"

"Well, to be honest, its kind of suspended when you know your foe is going to be up to badness and hurting people." The Jedi shrugged.

"Yea that's cute. Keep assuming. Keep shrugging too. Ooh, I must be a bad girl, I wear all black! What BAD THING did you think I was going to do today? Kick some puppies? Feed some kittens through a woodchipper and laugh maniacally? Maybe land my ship on an orphanage?" The Wrath raged.

"Well, you were going to come over here and attack all these Republic soldiers milling around aimlessly on this random glacier. Because you're Sith." The Jedi explained.

"Are you KIDDING ME?" The Wrath nearly spat. "I'm not Sith, I'm a freakin' pizza delivery girl in black makeup. Some idiot Imperial soldiers parked their walker next to a wampa cave on the other side of this glacier, left 75,000 credits worth of crates in the snow, and then ran off like little girls when the primitive, unarmed, stupid smelly wampa came back home to eat his dinner. It never occurred to any of them that they had enough guns to start another galactic civil war, and that they ought to just shoot the damn thing, so now its my job to run out there, kill the damn wampa in hand to hand combat with my lightsaber, WHICH IS GREAT BECAUSE THEY SMELL HELLACIOUS, and then drag a small fortune of thermal power cells THROUGH THE SNOW, back to the base, because apparently GRAND MOFF ******* thought it would be a wonderful idea to deploy THE IDIOT BRIGADE on one of the only 2 planets where its Christmas time year round, and wouldn't it just be dandy if a platoon of Republic jerks decided it would be a nice day for a picnic on the same glacier too, right? Just make my life even harder?"

"Well I'm still obligated to stop you." The Jedi said.

"Stop me? From what? Keeping a bunch of stupid nameless soldiers from dying of exposure in an icy tomb on this nearly-forgotten backwater hellhole on the outer rim? Yea, you're really gonna earn a lot of light side points on this one chief." The Wrath rolled her eyes.

"Now you're just trying to manipulate me." The jedi replied.

"No, I'm trying really hard NOT TO KILL YOU. Look, see this relic?" The Wrath opened her character sheet. "Requires Light Side V. That's me! 39 Endurance, 24 power! Light Side! I really want to manipulate you and do bad stuff today!"

"Oh. Well in that case, you should surrender to the Jedi order, and we'll like reform you or something."

"Oh wow! How totally cool of you, here's an idea... What part of that is an incentive?" The Wrath asked.

"I don't understand?" The Jedi asked. "Dont you want to be on the good side?"

"Yea sure, the good side. Hold on here while I change everything in my life to adjust myself to fit your worldview. First, I'll give up my ship, my career, my boyfriend, my apartment, all my stuff, and I'll move into some dormroom on Tython and you know, just be constantly surrounded every day by a bunch of screaming 7 year old padawan daycare brats. I'll even grow a little rat-tail. Oh and hey, what if I actually like some of the freakier things Sith get to do in the bedroom. Do I have to give that up too?" The Wrath explained.

"Well I can't just let you go. I have to redeem you. I get a merit badge for it." The Jedi explained.

"Oh, so now its a career thing for you. Real Light Side, buddy." The Wrath rolled her eyes.

"So, uhm, are you going to surrender now or what? Don't make me have to take you in." He ignited his lightsaber.

"Yea. Right. First you'll kick my ***, then I'll be redeemed, and then I might even forget that you kicked my *** and maybe date you or something. I have a better idea. You don't even have a name. You're random Jedi #36 on Ilum, and you have a little silver star next to your portrait. So how about me and my friend here, that I have, because I'm a player character and we get companions, beat the hell out of you, take your wallet, and then be on our merry way?" The Wrath asked.

"Well, that wouldn't be very light side of you..." The Jedi faltered.

"Here's something light side for you- I'm about to Force Push you into a Force Charge and then crit you a bunch of times. Try to land on your head instead of your *** when I launch you across the ice, its fatter and it should hurt less." The Wrath explained.

Jaesa gave the Wrath a dirty look.

"Oh come on. I tried really hard on that one."
TK-421, the fragrance for men.
"Because it was a boring conversation anyways."