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Funniest line in game?

SamuelAU's Avatar

08.06.2012 , 07:48 AM | #691
Occasionally when you click on Lt. Iresso (JC companion) he says something like, "I know, nice armor, but this staring thing's getting a little weird."

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08.06.2012 , 03:09 PM | #692
Consular on Voss. A person has betrayed you and attacked a Voss mystic you wanted to recruit for the war.

Identity of the traitor below:

After you defeat her, Voss commandos arrive.

Voss Commando: "She will be punished."
Consular: "What's her punishment?"
Voss Commando: "She has to leave Voss-Ka."
Companion: "You can't let her get away with this."
Voss Commando: "She leaves Voss-Ka down the cliff."
"I was one of many. We were servants of the dark side… Sith Lords, we called ourselves. So proud. In the end we were not so proud. We hid… hid from those we had betrayed. We fell… and I knew it would be so."
-Ajunta Pall

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08.06.2012 , 07:36 PM | #693
Apologies if this one has been mentioned already and I missed it:

Bounty Hunter quest - Family Cleansing - right after Admiral Fraabaal chews out his lieutenant
BH: Betcha get a demerit for that.
Mako: *laughs* You're terrible!

Partly because I think Mako's reaction is the funny part, partly because I think she's particularly adorable here.
"The universe has secrets at its heart. Through the force, I will find those secrets, and feast on the bloody remains." -Parako, Sith Sorcerer

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08.06.2012 , 07:43 PM | #694
Quote: Originally Posted by Belpheghor View Post
Although it gets old, when Mako spouted off "I'm not just a pretty sidekick you know", cracked me up.
And to match that, when Vette is running low on health: "The galaxy's about to be down one cute Twi'lek!"
"The universe has secrets at its heart. Through the force, I will find those secrets, and feast on the bloody remains." -Parako, Sith Sorcerer

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08.07.2012 , 06:54 AM | #695
From a Drall on Corellia while playing my consular: May the floor be with you.
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*I did however preorder the CE*

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08.08.2012 , 03:40 PM | #696
In the IA story missions on Voss, you meet up with another agent who's been living undercover amongst the voss and when you meet them and ask what they've learned...

"Their breath smells like bantha dung. I think it's one of the spices they use in their cooking."

Lolz good to know

My agent replies "other than their breath, what have you leaned about them?"

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08.08.2012 , 09:05 PM | #697
Some more smuggler lines:

Vastil: Do you have any advice for me before I join the service?
Smuggler: You find any contraband, you contact a professional. Here's my holofrequency.

If there's one thing I'm known for, it's daring rescues. That, and impeccable timing. Snappy comebacks are a close third...

Lady: "So, what do you think of me?"
Smuggler: "Of all the women I've met, you're the most recent."
Lady: "..."

Is that Mandalorian armor, or am I just really behind current fashion trends?"

Risha: I like you captian. With some polishing you can be great.
Smuggler: I like the sound of that. So, when does this polishing start?

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08.09.2012 , 02:13 PM | #698
click the link in my sig. from the smuggler story, of course.

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08.10.2012 , 03:10 AM | #699
Not much of a spoiler for Bounty Hunter Class Story, as it happens on Hutta, but ...


which is another of so many good lines.

I still get a kick out of Kaliyo back on Alderaan.
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08.10.2012 , 04:19 AM | #700
Quote: Originally Posted by ReggarBlane View Post
Bounty Hunter class mission:
Freaking love that one xD