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Orange weapons for Khem

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Orange weapons for Khem

Jedi_Barbie's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 09:38 AM | #1
Is there a comprehensive list somewhere that I am missing (and yes, I did attempt to search and scan the forums, with no luck). I'm a lvl 22 Sorc and want to outfit Khem in the best OJ gear and keep him modded up. I got him an OJ chest, pants and gloves, but I want to give him and orange weapon. I see a couple on Torhead, but no listings as to where they drop.

Please note, if your only contribution is "Check your GTN." or "Search the forums first." please don't bother posting and return to your bridge. Thanks.
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RawHead's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 09:58 AM | #2
As a reward for the "Lights Out" Heroic 4+ daily on Belsavis you can pick an orange weapon for your companions, there is one option for Khem there.


Sorry, did not read your post thoroughly enough it seems. You clearly mentioned you are lvl 22, my bad. The daily mentioned is lvl50, please disregard.

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02.22.2012 , 10:18 AM | #3[]=25&name=&minrtg=&maxrtg=&minlvl=&maxlvl=&flt[]=moddable&fls[]=0&flv[]=

Some are Republic only. You may be able to look up the names on Torhead and see if there are comments stating where to get each. I think Drummond Kaas commendation vendor might have one.

All the ones that say "Khem Val's" should be quest rewards from Heroics.

Jedi_Barbie's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 10:40 AM | #4
Thanks. The ones I liked were Khem Val's (amazing vibrosword of awesomeness) so I'm going to start farming the heroics. Now to try to determine which heroics drop the items.
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jkcheng's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 10:45 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Jedi_Barbie View Post
Thanks. The ones I liked were Khem Val's (amazing vibrosword of awesomeness) so I'm going to start farming the heroics. Now to try to determine which heroics drop the items.
I could be wrong on this, but matching the quest level with the level requirement on the item you're looking for should work. Like if Khem Val's Sword of X has mods in it that say (20), then the item is level 20 (as said on the chart I gave earlier), you then find Heroic quests that are level 20 and check the rewards you get from there.

Another place to look is the GTN, though you won't find any Bind on Pickup ones there so the Khem Val ones are out.

Morphlingx's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 10:49 AM | #6
I believe he can use VibroSwords? There is a vendor on Drommund Kaas that sells Vibroswords for commendations.

Sasheria's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 10:52 AM | #7
I picked up a sword for Khem in early levels. I think it was either one of the heroics or quest chain (not main story) I have been upgrading his weapon since.

I DO believe that weapon from first planet commendation (or even Black Talon mission for empire) provide an orange weapon he can use (vibrosword)

note: you will need to upgrade the hilt FIRST to increase his damage.

Chadnab's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 11:25 AM | #8
Dromund kaas commendation vendor was the first place I got an orange vibrosword for khem. Wasn't hurting up until that point.

Jedi_Barbie's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 11:52 AM | #9
I'm not hurting now, but I think I had done a couple quests in a group and lost the roll for the vibrosword. I missed the dromund kaas comm vendor. Are there any on Nar Shadaa or Balmorra?
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Jayvenger's Avatar

02.22.2012 , 12:11 PM | #10
You must also keep in mind that every model of Vibrosword but the one he actually uses at the start of the game clip horribly through his back and shoulders. I think it is because he is a humanoid, but is significantly more built than any model in the game. Not certain on this, but I do remember seeing (and owning) a fully modable Green Vibrosword in his accepted model from the normal weapon's Vendor in Kaas City.