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PvP, lag and force push

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PvP, lag and force push

Scinald's Avatar

02.20.2012 , 02:35 PM | #1
So, just had a particularly discouraging huttball where I used force push three different times and in all three cases the intended target went flying in any direction but the one I had "lined up" on my screen. In one case the force push actually went directly behind me and pushed the carrier to the goal line (woops).

This seems to have been happening more lately. Right after release, I recall force push working pretty much as intended (from my character's PoV) in that whatever I lined up would shove the target in that direction.

Now, either lag is worse in WZs or the stuff they did to "prevent" lag is making force push fairly useless as a defensive tool in huttball (and in other circumstances....but mostly there) because the push is happening based on either:

1) Server state that isn't showing on my screen or
2) The state of the target's screen.

I would, of course, like to see force push work based on the state of my screen and positional representation. Actually, I'd like lag to be low enough that it doesn't matter, but barring that, I want what I see to be the truth for my character OR they need to replace force push with something that doesn't screw up so badly under high lag situations.