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12 v 8? Lets just get to similar sized teams

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12 v 8? Lets just get to similar sized teams

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02.20.2012 , 02:29 PM | #1
I don't expect PvP to be perfect. I don't ask that you nerf everyone but me so I can dominate. I am fine with winning some, losing some. I am not even going to mention if one class or faction is OP. I expect those kinda things to happen throughout the life of a game. However, there is a more basic aspect that need to be fixed - the number of players in a match. There are several bugs/exploits and bad design that contribute.

FIX THE TEAM SIZE EXPLOIT!!! 10 vs 8 is not fair. 11 vs 8 is not fair. I am tired of the lopsided matches. Bioware this is very damaging to your Warzones, if thateven wasn't obvious to you. It is so rampant that I now know people who use the exploit just to counter the other team because they are "probably" using it. 12 v 6 - also not fair - sure it kicks to the abort sequence, but by then the 12 have advanced enough to get the win so there is no penalty to them.

Seems like this would warrant a hotfix given how it kills gameplay.

And while you are it, even without exploits you allow an 8 v 6 match to run without an abort. That's not fun either. Find a way to even up the sides.

Another issue is the fly in on Voidstar. I can't tell you how many times I have flown in and get locked behind the door because the match had started. Other times, I have flown over the battle as it was going on and then get stuck behind a door - it wastes like 30 to 40 secs where the team is penalized for this silly animation. (By the way, cut the flying animation out, stop making me hit SPACEBAR to enter this match, and cut the cutscene too).

Additionally, I have also been booted from matches before because I zone in and find I am behind the barrier so I have to wait for the next rotation to get out - meanhwile the game thinks I am deserting so it boots me. (This is more likely in Huttball) You should fix that too.

There are a whole lot of other things that need to be tweaked to make PvP better, but lets start with the basics and just make sure players can get into the match and that the sides have a similar number of players on them.