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Ilum possible changes (suggestions)

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Ilum possible changes (suggestions)

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02.20.2012 , 02:28 PM | #1
I for one am sick of it being 10 republic vs 50 imperials camping outside the republic base. This thread should be used for clean suggestions to change (fix) Ilum so its playable for both sides instead of it being a non-stop camp fest outside the republic base. I'm aware it's not like this on some servers but I'm sure it's most of them.

- Copy WoW tenacity buff (ie, dmg, healing, hp buff)


- flat expertise buff

Note: These will change depending on the ratio for each side. It can work both ways of course.

Lets make it known Ilum sucks. Lets also make some suggestions and try to hit a lot of pages here so Bioware notices this and implements a said suggestion.