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Revamp the Entire Medal PvP Scoring System

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Revamp the Entire Medal PvP Scoring System

Happy-Killer's Avatar

02.20.2012 , 02:08 PM | #1
The current system is completely flawed because it encourages players to acquire medals instead of playing the role their class is intended for. For example, many consular/inquisitor healers will obtain their 75k heals medal and then go for the 75k damage medal, rather than playing their role as healers. Another way in which this system fails is it gives certain classes an advantage. A dps class can only obtain medals from damage, where as a tank class can get all the same damage medals and medals for protection and defense. The same could be said of healers.

My idea for a scoring system would be similar to the Battlefield (BF2 and BF3) medal system but without the points. The player can obtain multiple copies of each medal instead of only one. The medal for damage would require 25k damage dealt. So if I'm a dps class and at the end of the match have 306k dmg, I would get 12 medals. A healer who gets, for example, 220k heals and 80k damage would get 8+3=11 medals. A tank you scored 150k damage and protected allies for 180k would get 6+7=13 medals. I would drop the medals for 2.5/5k heals and damage because it is really irrelevant.

With this style of system I think it would encourage players to play to their strengths, rather than spending time trying to acquire a random medal that doesnt benefit the team in anyway.