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Which Advance Class

Carnor-Jax's Avatar

02.20.2012 , 02:48 AM | #1
I've been reading old threads on here looking at how people found each of the advance classes for the Imperial Agent because I simply cannot decide what to go. I have got my Bounty Hunter to level 50 so decided to start some other characters and I cannot decide on which way to spec it. So I was hoping to hear your experiences of each class especially in the later part of the game to help me decide which way to go.

I am leaning towards Operative because I worry about the sniper class if enemies get up close to you and I do wonder in groups if it might be a boring class to play out of the action at the back.

Any info on your own experiences to help me decide would be appreciated

Vargasisarocker's Avatar

02.20.2012 , 03:04 AM | #2
Well sniper is really annoying at lvl 50 before you get a decent chunk of expertise, then you are a hated b*sterd. But yeah its a lot of running around and grabbing a good position, but pretty much the same with OP what I know. But if you want to shine in pvp im pretty sure its easier to play OP. In the end its all about what you like most. I love my sniper and I do like my OP too.

DariuszPol's Avatar

02.20.2012 , 05:59 AM | #3
I enjoy playing Operative all the way.

~ In stealth I can pass every mob I want. It's very usefull when I move to republic space.
~ I'm the one who choose how, when and where I want to fight.
~ I can prepare before fight since you don't see me until I attack.
~ Not only I'm good at killing but I can infiltrate enemy camp (Hutball ), move behind enemy to f*** up healers etc
~ If fight turn out bad for me (enemy reinforcements or player with upper hand) I can vanish and try again somewhere else
~ I love when enemy panic because he was thinking about killing one single Maruder at the node in Alderan and he end up on the ground with knife in his back and me laughing at his dead body before Maruder was able to do something
~ Try to join Voidstar with 8 shadow / operatives that go in stealth and look and confused enemies that... don't see anyone attacking :-D And then image 8 stealth decloaking between enemies and taking down whole group in matter of seconds. Got one match like that and it was just WOW.
~ Sit in enemy camp in Hutball just so your friend can go below bridge and pass you a ball 5m before finish line so you can carry it. No more need to pass this stupid fires (Sith Warrior can do that to - he just jump to enemy above him )

This is how Operative rolls
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