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50 End Game PvE Best In Slot

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50 End Game PvE Best In Slot

eMoney's Avatar

02.19.2012 , 09:34 PM | #1
Anyone know of a best in slot guide for sniper. I've searched the forums with no luck and browser searched. I've been lookin at the endgame gear and I'm not really impressed.

Irenicus_Jon's Avatar

02.20.2012 , 01:44 AM | #2
This is the setup I'm running at the moment:

Belt/bracers: Orange moddable with purple armoring/mod in them. If you have the necessary crew skill/resources to craft Rakata pieces, they are only better than moddable gear if they crit and come with an augment slot. Even then, they will be better by +9 or +16 mainstat at most, depending on the mods you can fit into the orange ones.

Earpiece/implant: Columni crafted with augment slot. These are BoE so they can be bought on the AH, but you need people on your server to have the schematics drop in ops. Augmented with +cunning. They will surpass Rakata pieces you get from daily if you can find ones with augment slots.

Mainhand: If you are mainly going for weapon damage (marksman build), PvP rifle is quite good with relatively easy access. If you are not so weapon based (lethality), Columni or Rakata with the best mods you can stack into them. Crystal is a problem here, but the first boss in Kaon drops the best crystal currently available.

Offhand: Best pre-ops is in Battle of Ilum as far as I can recall.

Set items: I haven't done a piece by piece analysis, but none of the set bonuses appeal to the sniper so perhaps there should be one. I run a heavily modded Enforcer set (Columni except for Rakat pants) because the +5 energy helps with Lethality energy rotation. If you don't care about the set bonus, random bits from any piece that has the highest cunning in their hidden armoring would be ideal (there are two kinds of armoring in the pieces, one with high endurance and the other with high cunning, just like the patron/skill modification from pre-50). I am assuming you will replace the mods/enhancements of the pieces as best you can. Pre-ops the best Columni mod is the one with the lower cunning but higher +power piece (can't recall exact numbers). You get your crit rating and surge from enhancement pieces (the other option is accuracy and power which I do not prefer).

Hope that helps.