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IA Raging/Crying - Seriously BioWare?

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IA Raging/Crying - Seriously BioWare?

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02.21.2012 , 04:07 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by JColquhoun View Post
Possible Spoilers.. oh no!

To whoever said that SCORPIO is a better tank, I say you're wrong. The only functional difference between SCORPIO and Kaliyo is one is a ranged tank and the other is a melee tank. There's nothing about either of their abilities that make one superior to the other.

That said, when I lost Kaliyo, not wanting to have to gear up another tank, I just used Ensign Temple for a day, got Kaliyo back and then went about my business... And yes, I am healie spec. I didn't have any problems leveling.
Melee tanks typically function better due to sharing the same defensive abilities that require short range engagement. When a ranged companion is outside of their defensive buff powers they won't use them. Melee tanks are simply easier to get into the pbaoe and cone ranges and maintain those ranges. They do it themselves instead of micro-managing a ranged tanks range and even then you are screwed when those powers are on cooldown and cannot direct them using specific power activation.

Ranged tanks simply need their defensive power procs changed so they work at their full range in differing ways. Melee should be slightly more effective under 10m while ranged slightly more effective beyond 10m. Their fault is that Bioware obviously clone the companions hastily without much thought put into their creation and function. The game needs a serious companion overhaul someday.

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02.21.2012 , 04:21 PM | #22
Even though I'd prefer to be able to micro-manage my companion, I haven't really had to do so with Kaliyo. With a "charge/leap" ability, AOE taunt, single target taunt and two AOE damage abilities she's never had a problem holding aggro off of me. I've kept her geared as I've progressed, now she's in Tionese/Columi gear and is still my favorite companion.

I tried SCORPIO when I got her because everyone kept saying how much better of a tank she was than Kaliyo, but I didn't see it. Artistically, and as a companion, I prefer Kaliyo, so I promptly switched back to her.

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02.21.2012 , 05:28 PM | #23
I agree that BioWare could put in a fix for that part. Compare this point in the story to the end of the Jedi Knight's storyline in Act 3. They're forced to use their droid to face the Emperor, but before they do so, they're given the opportunity to get a full set of awesome gear for him through a mini-puzzle quest.
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