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Best and worst names seen...

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Best and worst names seen...

TacoGoat's Avatar

03.12.2013 , 01:30 PM | #191
I was really hoping to see one of my toons on here.
The Arynne Legacy - POT5
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Liquor's Avatar

03.12.2013 , 01:58 PM | #192
Therapy'Needed and all its variations

Cap'o - Crimini Legacy
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AelixVII's Avatar

03.13.2013 , 01:18 PM | #193
My Bounty Hunter is called Diefenbaker Saberhagen. Make of that what you will.

My Commando is called Petraeus - I like to stand in the fleet proclaiming I did not have an affair, I just wanted to get out of that career so I could play swtor.

Some of my other characters are:
Glen Coco

Darevsool's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 11:33 AM | #194
Whoever took "Caveman" I salute you.

I wanted to have a toon running around with the title/name "Captain Caveman!"

Saw some nice guild names awhile ago.

"Dead Wookiee Storage"
"Babyslaughter" (who doesn't like laughing babies?)
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Miston's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 12:12 PM | #195
Best -NOMswallows

worst- scrumptious'crud
Harbinger server

ChewyYui's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 12:16 PM | #196
Best Name: Kira-chan and Kira-nyan

Incidentally, my characters names. Strange.
The Progenitor - The Alteric Legacy - Kira-chan

Brackiss's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 01:41 PM | #197
Names I have seen recently are:
The Darkchylde Legacy
Zartaan - Jedi Guardian / Ridd - Sith Juggernaut / Nomi-lo - Jedi Shadow / Brackiss - Sith Sorceror
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06.02.2013 , 07:52 PM | #198

Slicksteezin's Avatar

06.03.2013 , 01:45 AM | #199
Call it worst, call it best -

Dread Slayer ********

saw it on the harbinger server. i chuckled
Gallasiso - Arsenal merc
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JediJonesJr's Avatar

06.03.2013 , 04:40 AM | #200
One name that had me wondering was

Jedi Jedi Jedi

Jedi title
jedi name
jedi legacy> name really really really!
this is not phony its real somebody really did name themselves this and it is just so darn bad!
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