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Sorcerers, seriously what the hell?

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Sorcerers, seriously what the hell?

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02.21.2012 , 06:56 PM | #291
Quote: Originally Posted by Sookster View Post
Same thing as many bright wizards in WAR, clerics in Aion, druids (previously warlock) in WoW. A class with multiple utilities and the shallowest learning curve will be the most popular.
wait what?

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02.21.2012 , 07:14 PM | #292
Yeah nerf frost ma... I mean sorcs.

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02.21.2012 , 07:20 PM | #293
Quote: Originally Posted by SwOllenEye View Post
the other day i saw a sage do over 500k damage in a republic v republic huttball. I've never seen another class do that.

I also regularly see sages do over 450k healing.

Then there are the hybrids that do 300k damage and 150k healing.

I'm a decently geared sawbones and I'm very happy when I break 300k heals.

and if raw numbers aren't enough, you're right that the amount of utility they have is absurd. The fact that a sage can force speed through a fire trap and then rescue the ball carrier through that same trap... well all i can say is it looks like a lot of fun.

It really is as if they designed consulars first, were determined to make them really awsome, and then got over to scoundrels and were like "wait a second... well if we give them the same stuff it'll just seem silly.. soo.. uuh.. they get..stealth? flashbang? screw it i tired myself out making sage awsome scoundrels will have to be content with funnier dialogue"
LMAO so it was YOU who kept trying to 1v1 me in Huttball in the last WZ. Thats what you get for trying to solely fight in an OBJECTIVE based pvp. Whats that interweb saying? Umadbro?

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02.22.2012 , 09:40 AM | #294
Quote: Originally Posted by biowareftw View Post
So keep telling me I suck because you seem to think sorc/sage isn't one of the STRONGEST one on one classes in the game (noone is claiming they are OP one on one, the hybrid spec is OP in a GROUP setting), when it is.
i would say 99% of all whining about sorcs and sages are claiming them to be op in 1on1.
you should read what all the fuzz is abuot.

but mind telling me what exactly makes the hybrid specc op in grp pvp compared to the pure speccs? i mean in pure grp pvp thus not considering 1on1 as you there is not your issue.

I could care less about one on one in a group pvp game. The fact is the hybrid spec takes way to long to kill.
what makes a hyrid specced take too long to kill in GROUP pvp compared to say the pure lightning build? or the pure balance build (which still can put up to 10 points in the lightning tree)

I can kill 3 freaking mediocre played marauders (my mirror) in the time it takes me to kill a mediocre played hybrid specced sorc/sage and that mediocre played sent/marauder will do half to a third of the dmg as the mediocre played sorc/sage in the warzone.
no matter what class i play, in grp pvp i kill a sage/sorc faser than any other class. compared to a marauder at least 3 times faster!

or are you back again to 1on1? you above said all is fine in 1on1.


^ Proof. The sorc he fights in the vid DOESN'T EVEN MOVE and takes him to 1/3rd health. Meanwhile 3 marauders at the same time? CAKEWALK.

Squishy? NO. Bad damage or no single target dmg? LOL right.
so you are indeed talking abuot 1on1? i though (see at the top) you do not complain about 1on1?

and you wan't to be taken serious?

thank you for the fun you make out of yourself.

edit: actually that post from you proved better how absurd your claims and how clueless you are about the matter and how much you are lying, than anybody else could do.



02.22.2012 , 11:44 AM | #295
Quote: Originally Posted by Gryphandor View Post
It is cool to be the OP sorc. Didn't you all know? I mean no other class does what it can do, as cool as it does it and only require you push 4 buttons on a regular basis.

When I enter a WZ. I love finding that Sorc thinking he is hot **** standing off in the distance doing his DPS thing. I will find him and cave his face in while taking very little damage as I will almost interrupt 1vs 1 anything he tried to get off.

That is fun let me tell you. Then if I am leader I just mark them and pick on them the entire Warzone. I will hide stealth. Once they show I drop kick them and go to town. They don't even see it coming. Boy if they actually didn't fall over dead so fast they would be OP 1 vs 1.

The problem is they don't just fall over in groups. Infact they hurt like hell and crush anything when they group up on it. Just a sad fact. They are what they are alone but what they do scales far greater then any other group of any other class in the game when you have a team of them.

Just how it is and the cost of being so fragile I guess. Well that is what I keep telling myself.
The only poster that got it right imho. They are pretty predestrian when caught alone (just get them to run and their in trouble), but when they are in groups its pretty tough. In premades of 4 sorcs...forget about it. With their stacking of range dps, aoe and healing... its hard even with good premades to take them down. But how do you nerf them in a group setting or counter them in a group. And don't just say limiting their number in wzs cause thats just stupid. Nerfing them as a class will just gimp the soloers/pugs to the point of no return.

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02.23.2012 , 01:40 AM | #296
Quote: Originally Posted by Slackfumasta View Post
So respec healer?
yea but thats not really my thing :/ atleast not with this sorc. I may make a healing operative but im having alot of fun with the madness tree atleast in pve that i can solo.

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02.23.2012 , 01:47 AM | #297
Well im a sith inquisitor , a sith assassin actually , and no , i dont picked cause i ever thought of it has OP , i picked cause i thought , heck ... a tank with stealth man.
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02.23.2012 , 01:55 AM | #298
Quote: Originally Posted by biowareftw View Post
A "few good players". LOL.

Now add instant cast dots/bubble, an instant proc, ALL INSTANT CAST and AUTOMATIC cc.

MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD SKILLLS. SO INTENSE. My german shepherd could play this class.
Anyone still taking a random video in which a brain dead imperial group let a Sorc free cast nearly 24/7 and the few times he got jumped he really died a quick and horrible death seriously should be laughed at 24/7.

Oh and newsflash most ranged classes can do that. But I will hear soon again managing focus on you Sent is SOOOO skillfull. /rofl
This game needs more Kel Dor!

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02.23.2012 , 01:57 AM | #299
Quote: Originally Posted by PostalTwinkie View Post
Acid Blade + Hidden Strike > Sorc....
Once upon a time maybe. This only works if you catch a sorc who's already blown a lot of cooldowns and doesn't have a bubble to cast straight away.

It's amazing the amount of people saying Sorc/Sage isn't OP. They are just way too versatile of a class, and pretty damn good with that versatility. I mean, giving them a 30 meter stun was also pretty ridiculous.

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02.23.2012 , 02:07 AM | #300
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldin View Post
Once upon a time maybe. This only works if you catch a sorc who's already blown a lot of cooldowns and doesn't have a bubble to cast straight away.

It's amazing the amount of people saying Sorc/Sage isn't OP. They are just way too versatile of a class, and pretty damn good with that versatility. I mean, giving them a 30 meter stun was also pretty ridiculous.
Its as silly as giving shadows/scoundrels stealth+shadows/assasins get that same stun while scoundrel gets stun on half CD

And you act as its the only class with 30m stun.

Commando: 30 stun+30m soft 8s cc+2 knockbaks on lower CD than sorc and longer distance KD