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Questions About Miraluka Lore and Droids.

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Questions About Miraluka Lore and Droids.

kakan's Avatar

02.18.2012 , 12:43 PM | #1
Hi, this is technically nothing to do with this game. Although it would be nice to know. I am playing a Mirukla in this game.

We will start playing a starwars role playing games in our compound, (bass off to dungeons and dragons role playing game)

I've decided to play a Miraluka, I want to make her into techniques that use the force.

Has two questions I want answers / thoughts on.

1: I have read that Miraluka see through the Force, they seem to have 360 degree sight, most sources I've read says they can "see" colors very but there are a few who say they only see in black and white, is there any who knows viket of this is true?

2: Equipment and Droids are not in the force, can a Miraluka see a Droid? I've seen and read in the starwars novels that a Jedi can feel a closeness Droids in any way with the force, I wonder how this works?

my character's concept is a female Miraluka with a affintiry for technology, she has a Forrce ability that enables her to understand machines that weld the same time make others do, that is to put together a credible background on this is the biggest problem, I simply förlite information on how the force affects the Droids.

would greatly appreciate it if someone had some theories / answers to these questions.
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randylm's Avatar

02.18.2012 , 01:21 PM | #2
Well if you've played kotor2, Kriea mentions very early in the game that you can sense the energy droids give off but not the droids themselves. So my guess is that Mirlaulka can't entirely see droids but still can figure out where they're at.

Quething's Avatar

02.18.2012 , 02:26 PM | #3
If you use Force Sight in KotOR II, you can still see droids. I don't remember if they have alignment markers - for instance, whether HK shows up as red, to reflect the Dark Side level on his character sheet, or if he's grey like walls and crates or transparent like doors - but he doesn't turn invisible.

ErikModi's Avatar

02.18.2012 , 08:47 PM | #4

Short story I wrote after pondering how my Miraluka Jedi could see well enough to pilot a spaceship.
Jedi vs. Sith, Page 97, column 2, paragraph 4, line 1:

Prior to the Battle of Ruusan, the Jedi used crystals from many different sources, and ignited lightsabers in every known hue, including purple, orange, and gold.

MatronAdena's Avatar

02.18.2012 , 09:07 PM | #5
Your character would see like this more or less

though slightly more detailed in the way that the force interacts with things, and they it.
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kakan's Avatar

02.19.2012 , 12:46 AM | #6
thanks for the help, I now understand more how the force sight works. Has the printer consecrated a decent background story now I think. Will post it here if it's any interest,
warning: it will not be as easy to understand in English, am using google translate
to translate into English, I can read and write English without it, but my spelling is poor and it is simply easier for me to translate my Swedish text and then change the outcome so it at least makes sense in English.

Thanks and bye for now.
I am a shadow, I stand between the light and dark. I fear the light, its blinding light can destroy me. I fear the darkness, what it hides could swallow me whole.