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[HM Kaon] Instance Resetting After Wipe

Fdzzaigl's Avatar

02.17.2012 , 06:52 PM | #1
Yesterday we went to Kaon, didn't wipe once until we got to the bonus boss.

At that point, one of our group member went offline for a time and later came back.
When he tried to enter the instance again, he spawned at the very start, he then died to respawned trash and did end up at the right place the next time he entered.

When we wiped once on the bonus boss afterwards however, ALL OF US respawned back at the start of the instance, with the hardmode quest completely resetting (along with all trash, we didn't test if bosses were up again).

Very irritating as we were only a couple of steps away from the (faceroll) final boss.

We'll avoid the bonus boss in the future, even more so now that he doesn't drop anything really useful anymore.