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Flashpoint Question

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02.17.2012 , 04:32 PM | #1
I used to play EQ and wow but for the most part I was always soloing. For the first time I have some friends who have decided to play this game, meaning I now have the chance to see a lot more content,specifically the flashpoints. Last night we played the intance that has you fighting the jedi sith "wizard" who hits you with that purple cloud and chases you around the room with fireballs. Again I am used to just standing there and fighting so running around like a lunatic t avoid getting set on fire is new to me.

My question is as the healer, is there anyway for me to put my own character in the group health brs on the left of the screen? While I'm at it is there anyway to increase the size of the companion health bars? I just have always had a bad habit of ignoring my own health when I group, that would help out me out a lot if I just had to look in one spot to see all members of the party's health, because I am sure that boss wasn't the last to be so "interactive"

While I'm asking, the social parts seem to be lacking in Hammer Station and the instance above (I didn't catch the name). The Esselies flashpoint to me had so much more conversation and interaction with the NPC's, does it get any better in the upcoming flashpoints or was the Esselies the exception

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02.17.2012 , 05:03 PM | #2
Go to preferences, user interface, scroll all the way down to operations frames and click Use Operations Frames as Party Frames.
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