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An interesting raid night in Karragas Palace

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02.17.2012 , 09:33 AM | #1
So me and my guild were having raid night last evening and were going to do Karraga's palace. Since we still had a few new players to raiding we decided to split the 16 players in to two groups of 8 for separate ops groups.

We entered in our respective instances and began moving forward ( we were all geared fairly well so it didn't take long.)

Well we arrived at bonethrasher and received an interesting surprise.

His swipe was doing 30k damage a hit (Didn't know it was possible to get that much Hitpoints) His knockback which should of only done 10 meters was doing more around 35 - (Hunker down does not make you Immune to it, beautiful) and his health was at around 1.2 mil. Now check me if I'm wrong, but I had remembered his health being only around 800-900k hitpoints on normal.
Anyways, due to almost always losing around 2-4 DPS to his knockback in his acid early in the fight we wiped consistently from the enrage timer.

Soon we checked with our sister group and we found they were having the same problems. After some talking we decided to just convert into one big group of 16 and have some fun even if we wiped. We entered the instance..

It stayed exactly the same That's not the scary part - we continued on and we found Jargo and Surgo were stuck in 8 man mode - however Foreman crusher seemed to have the proper HP for a 16 man. After that all the other bosses had the proper HP for there instance.

My question? Was our 8 man instance stuck in 16 man or was our 16 man stuck in 8 man?

TL;DR. Random KP bosses are stuck in 8 man mode while others are stuck in 16 no matter how you switch the instance - confused? Welcome to the party
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