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Are boss loot drops based off of what classes are in the party?

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Are boss loot drops based off of what classes are in the party?

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12.14.2012 , 09:19 AM | #51
The devs have stated, several times, that the loot tables are skewed in favor of those classes that are currently in the party. "Skewed" is not the same as "determined by". You can still get drops from classes that aren't in the group whatsoever, but there is a lower chance. Anecdotal evidence that you have gotten a string of non-class drops is not evidence that drops ignore present classes; it is evidence that it is possible to get drops for classes that are not present and that is all.

Whenever I run people through Esseles for gear, rarely do I ever see more than 1 boss drop non-class gear (I make sure to match the class of the person I'm running and the class I'm playing). It happens often enough that I trust the developers when they say that it is heavily skewed in favor of present classes.
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12.14.2012 , 10:51 AM | #52
i think there is a difference between hm/ops and normal flash points. every hm i have done since the change had token gear drops from the last boss that someone in the group was a class of. in other words they could use it. before this if you had three of the four classes you would still get a chance for the class not present in the group.

from the few REGULAR fp i have solo ran it is not the case. i have gotten orange drops which neither me nor my companion could use.

i really can't comment much about ops as we have every class present. we dont have every advance class though and i dont keep track of such drops anyways.

also the chance to get gear of your class are as follows in a 4 man group: one of each class present is 25% for each, two of one class and one each of the two others is 33% chance each, three of one class and one of another is 50% for each, all of one class is obviously 100%. so if you have three troopers and one consular, it is 50% for the consular and 50% for the troopers and not 75% fpr the troopers and 25% for the consular. this can be a area of confusion about the drop rates for many people.

before the changes to the loot chances were made, most if not all of the complaints were from operation and hard mode groups getting the token drops for classes not present. this has been fixed. the flash points appear to not have been.

hopefully this clears up some things for a few of you.