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Why do you play a primarily damage dealing class?

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Why do you play a primarily damage dealing class?

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02.17.2012 , 12:00 AM | #21
After playing a tank for many years in "that other MMO", I wanted to play DPS. Honestly, when I play DPS, I feel like I'm playing a game. When I'm tanking, there is just too much responsibility on my shoulders and it's almost like I'm more babysitting then playing a game. I rolled a Sentinel just so I could DPS and never have to worry about having to tank or heal.

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02.17.2012 , 12:03 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by mezamashii View Post
The perceived shortage of healers and tanks in any game based on the trinity is inherent. No game design will ever change that. BW could hand out free lvl 50 healers and tanks and it wouldn't help, They could give every class a free, always available, spec independent tank and healer tree and it still wouldn't help.

As long as the basic encounter mechanic is trinity-based and requires a designated tank and a designated healer, people will shy away from those roles in anonymous groups for community/social reasons, not mechanical ones. (And I stress the anon bit.. there are plenty of people willing to tank and heal for friends and guildies but not for random pugs, which is really the crux of the social issue).

The best you can do with game design is to not artificially limit players by adding unneeded barriers for someone who would otherwise be willing to take on these roles. And BW for the most part has done decently with that. But no game design will ever change the inherent scarcity of people willing to perform these tasks for abusive strangers.
This is a great point. Tanking and healing has a lot more responsibility and is generally considered "harder". Not only that, but your mistakes are more obvious and detrimental. If a DPS screws up, it usually only means he dies. If a tank or healer screw up, it is likely a wipe. Many people simply do not want that on their shoulders, no matter what the reward is.

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02.17.2012 , 12:08 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_of_Stone View Post
Healers and tanks dont really need to reply. So, for those of you playing dps classes, why? I have a level 50 sage healer and 33 vanguard tank that I've mostly soloed. Companions help out quite a bit, and I'm curious as to why there are not more tanks and healers when the companion system makes them easier to level than in other MMO's.

Not putting anyone on the spot, I dont want any flaming. I am merely curious, as there is probably an issue somewhere that BW can resolve to make our game balanced, and easier to find groups.

So, whats keeping you guys from running tank or heals?
I for one would love to see more people play tanks.

Trying to find a tank on this game is like searching for the Holy Grail. It's impossible sometimes. But to be fair this is a problem on almost every MMORPG I've played.

It's nice to see future MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2 moving away from this old and very flawed system of making groups overly-dependent on certain specs. So I hope that's a trend that continues and replaces this current model. I'm sick of having to spend hours finding a tank everytime I want to run something.

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02.17.2012 , 12:22 AM | #24
I stopped leveling my healer when I found out you never get a good instant heal. You never have an obvious "save the day" moment.
Exceptional tanking of an enraged boss, kiting an enraged boss and tanking when not a tank class all give major kudos. SWTOR healers don't have that chance, they are steady, long term, not flash and awe.
I think this is why WoW put some full health team heals in and many instants. Healers can make incredible saves.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I just don't see that in SWTOR and that may be one reason we see so many DPS.
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02.17.2012 , 12:36 AM | #25
Its just my cup of tea personally. I find healing to be boring and tanking isn't bad but not as fun as a role as dpsing. I like to see big numbers as well

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02.17.2012 , 12:42 AM | #26
I usually play healers or tanks.

This time I play DPS, both with my Mercenary and my Powertech. I guess it is a change.

Although when dual spec is in I will have a healer and a tank.
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02.17.2012 , 01:07 AM | #27
I don't like playing healers because I don't like maintaining health bars and I've always found the idea of healing while in combat to be very silly, i.e. magically and instantaneously regenerating someone's wounds as if they hadn't been shot/stabbed/burned/blown-up/ect..

Tanking can be fun in groups but not solo, so I never spec tank because I dislike having to manage an entirely different set of gear for when I need to tank. Furthermore I dislike the concept of a taunt ability; I much prefer the system in place for DCUO. Tanks would draw more aggro based on a tanking stat, so when the tank needs to pull aggro off someone it's not as easy as press taunt button and voilą, instead they had to be wiser about who they were attacking.

Now DPS is the most satisfying because I can burn through mobs and complete quests much more rapidly. Overall I just feel stronger and more powerful when I can kill quicker.

In warhammer online there were these great melee healer classes the DoK/Warrior Priest, they allowed me to play the way I played a DPS class(with some exceptions), but still fufill the healer archetype. Maybe one day they'll add something like that to SWTOR...I can dream.

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02.17.2012 , 01:15 AM | #28
I have hated tanking and healing since the introduction of the trinity system. I have tryed both in multiple games and hate it.

I play my DPS toon in this game because imperial agent snipers are swesome, and that i hate tanking and healing.

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02.17.2012 , 01:19 AM | #29
I prefer pve dps because I like getting into the theorycrafting side of things and perfecting your rotation. I'm also a moderately good tank, an acceptable healer but a great dps player, so I go where my strengths lie

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02.17.2012 , 01:29 AM | #30
I actually play all three, but for the most part I stick with DPS. It is not that I don't like the responsibility, I just like to be able to tank down a person or mob very quickly.

As far as most people, I imagine that they don't do it because there is no real reward for the extra responsibility. The game I came from to this, there was an actual reward for it, though it wasn't considered a reward. In that game, there was only one tanking class and one healing class. There were "off healers" and "off tanks" but none which could heal or tank at end-game. Well, they could if they were willing to spend the money it took to allow them to twitch with 5 attacks per second, but that is a different matter.

Anyways, doing any kind of run in a dungeon was very expensive, no matter what class you were. However, the tanks would have extremely high repair bills and they would almost always have to buy healing pots, mana pots, and speciality pots (for increasing defense, health regen, etc.) The healers had a single skill which was almost always necessary. It was a constant heal to the entire party and also reduced all damage to everyone by 50%, so it was very powerful. However, the problem was it would cost 500 MP every 5 seconds, so even when spamming MP pots, you couldn't keep up with it. Because of this, they had to buy an item out of the item mall which would recover their MP to full after it reached 75%, and this of course was also very expensive.

The reason I went on to explain all that was to justify the system we had in place. On these runs, we had a system. All of the drops were materials to build armor/weapons, so everyone had something they needed, which often crossed over with another person. So, one person would be the "banker" and keep all of the mats until the end of the run. After the run was over, the banker would list all of the items that were collected over the run and then would hand them out. The order was tank gets first pick, then healer, then dps by level, highest to lowest. Usually everyone would get something out of it, but the tank and healer would always get the most, and it was done this way so they could pay their bills.

Now, I never found the bills to be all that expensive, but I rolled a healer just for the purpose of farming mats for my other characters. Knowing that no matter what the levels were I would get second pick, I could get pretty much any mat I wanted and also turn a profit by selling what I didn't need or whatever mat was selling for the most at the time. In that game, you had a reward for that extra responsibility you took on for keeping everyone alive.

This game, you run flashpoints for gear, and unless there is someone else of the same class as you, you are most likely going to get the thing you want. Even then though, it isn't expensive to run them unless you wipe a lot. I'll tank or heal if I want to, but because I don't have any real incentive to, I won't unless I need something for that character. On top of that everything you get in FPs is usually bind on pickup, I can't make a profit from it.
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