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Beginners Guide to Guardian Tanking by Camarius

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Beginners Guide to Guardian Tanking by Camarius

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02.17.2012 , 07:42 AM | #11
Thanks everyone let me know if you don't see something you think should be in there.. I want this to be as well rounded as can be....converting this to jedi speak was a try my patience... "There is only peace..."

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02.17.2012 , 10:30 AM | #12
Whoa, long post! Good job by you!
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02.17.2012 , 02:18 PM | #13
Nice guide ... lots of good info. One correction, you have Master Strike mislabeled in your Offensive abilities section as Force Stasis.

Also, you open up all your rotations with Combat Focus and Challenging Call. I usually save Combat Focus for pulls that I can't Force Leap into or times that I need to Hilt Strike or dps harder. I also save my taunts for times mobs peel away as 45 seconds is a long time to wait (if Challenging Call isn't talented). Not saying there's anything wrong with your method. I just personally save those types of abilities for specific scenarios and not every fight.

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02.17.2012 , 02:44 PM | #14
Thanks I'll get on that as soon as I get home from work...

As to the opening rotation it's a suggestion to beginner tanks and not necessarily the ONLY way to open. Having a taunt handy is always very helpful ... Challenging call is integral for buffs and such so using it towards the front gives you both those benefits and helps you pull in the pack to prevent dps and heals peeling off of you

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02.17.2012 , 03:41 PM | #15
+1 Internets to you good sir. and excellent and comprehensive guide.

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02.17.2012 , 04:09 PM | #16
I remember reading this guide somewhere else, so I appreciate the note from the author saying it's being copied in good faith.

I had a few questions and observations - not that I'm trying to pick your post apart, it's a great guide. But I want to make sure that you (or I) am not giving out the wrong information to new people. After I went through everything it turned out to be quite long, if I'm wrong in my own reasoning can you explain where you got your information so I can correct some of my own stuff?

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
• Shield: Random percentage based modifier that reduces the value of incoming melee and energy damage
I think that's misleading, it isn't a random percentage - it is a static percentage of mitigation that procs based on the Shield percentage - so while the proc may be "random" in a sense, the mitigation value is not. You might want to add Absorption in here to make it clearer.

It's also melee and ranged damage, not energy as that's a damage type not an attack type.

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
* Melee Damage
* Glance Absorption
* Critical Chance
Glance Absorption was the datamine term for shield absorb wasn't it? Strength has nothing to do with shielding in any way.

You also gloss over the difference between shield and absorb in here, you might want to mention them both.

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
In SWTOR you have the ability to enhance your armor and weapons. Lightsabers have up to four modification slots and armor with three (Underlay, Overlay and Circuitry). Always modify your armor and weapons with the best enhancements possible within your budget if you wish to boost your tanking performance.
Underlay Overlay etc were beta terms, you might want to update these to be clearer.

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post

*This skill specializes in creating modifications for items, including lightsabers - something Sith will covet during their journies. The item categories the Artifice skill can craft are: Circuitry, Emitter Matrix, Focus Crystal, Focus Lens, Gadget, Harness, Overlay, Underlay and Resonance Crystal.

Artifice not only makes upgrades for yourself but other force users as well. A good example would be purple lightsaber color crystals which are very rare ingame but may be crafted if you are lucky enough to get the recipe. The mods to go into armor and weapons will always be in high demand.
Artifice has been updated, you don't make that stuff any longer - and you can't make purple crystals, though you can make pink ones (Magenta actually). Hopefully more drops soon - I think they promised some for V1.2.

In the abilities section - they've updated the CD on Enure, and I think you're missing Master Strike.

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
Resistance to Critical Hits
• Accuracy - (A)voidance = Hit%
• Hit% * (S)hield Chance = Window To Crit
• Window To Crit * (C)rit Chance = (O)dds of getting crit
So to put that into context we will use the following values:
• (A)voidance: 50%
• (S)hield Chance: 50%
• (C)rit Chance: 30%
Plug it in and come up with:
Or 7.5% chance to get crit i.e. 92.5% Crit Immunity.
I'm curious where the above calculation came from. My understanding is that Crit pushes shield off the table (from a yellow post a while ago) - so the only thing preventing a crit is your hard avoidance (defence) - not shield.

I think your formula should be more like the following:
A = Accuracy - Avoidance = Hit%
90% (base white damage) - 5%(base) = 85%
C = 5%(Base Crit Chance)

A*C = Chance to Crit

Your chance to hit multiplied by your chance to critical is your actual % chance to crit

So at base values:
0.85*0.05 = 4.25% chance to crit on any given attack
95.75% immune (if thats the way you want to look at it)

With 30% crit chance:
0.85 * 0.3 = 25.5% chance to crit
74.5% immune

Avoidance pushes crit down, but remember it only works on white damage (melee and ranged attacks)

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
Shield Chance

(Premium Shield Base 20%) + (Stance 15%) + (Shield Specialization 4%) = 39%
Base shield chance is only 5%, you'll need to fix your further calculations lower down to account for that. With the stance it brings it up to 20%

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
4. Ensure that you are positioned with all the NPC’s in front of you to increase your avoidance and lower incoming damage.
From my testing it doesn't actually matter where a mob is positioned, and they will tend to circle you no matter what you try to do. Deflect/Parry works from any direction. You expound on this in the positioning section (6.4).

My understanding was that skills were omnidirectional and the only reason to get behind a mob is to avoid cleave or cone effects, or to use skills that specifically require you to be behind the target. I know for sure I've been dodged and parried when behind a mob/player, and I block blaster bolts from behind all the time. Is there actually damage that does more when behind a person, or is less easily avoided? Where did you get that information?

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
5. Continue to building threat on all targets, if you notice any of your group gain threat immediately taunt the NPC onto yourself and use your highest threat abilities to overtake your group members’ aggro before your taunt expires in six seconds.
My impression was Taunt copied the threat of the person at the top of the threat table, if they aren't continually attacking the mob it shouldn't turn back to them even after the taunt wears off. If they are attacking it of course you'll need to increase your threat buffer to accomodate that.

Is that incorrect?

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
One of the tanks greatest tools is the taunt. There are two kinds of taunt in the MMO world, forced attack and threat equalization. Thus far only the forced attack taunt has been confirmed as being in SWTOR so we won’t discuss equalization taunts yet.
Forced attack taunts literally force an NPC that is not currently targeting you to become the focus of your attacks for a fixed time frame. Forced attack taunts do not equalize your threat with that of its current target at the time you taunt it. With this in mind the correct way to taunt is as follows.
I believe this is completely false, from my own testing. I targeted a stationary NPC and stood to one side allowing my companion to heal me as I took damage. Over time he pulled aggro - I then taunted back. The time between taunts got longer and longer indicating that as we each did more threat I continued to top him just from taunting, and then he would have to top me by 10% to get threat back, which took longer each time I taunted.

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
Note: Guard has a 30 meter range. Other players who fall behind, most often to collect gathering nodes, will have guard fall off them before making their way back to the party for the next pull. Make a habit of often checking that the buff is still active on your desired target.
This is false, guard stays on until you guard another target or manually remove it. The 30 meter range also only indicates the distance for applying the initial guard - after that targets must be within 15m to be effective. So guarding a healer is normally useless since they will be out of range.

Quote: Originally Posted by camarius View Post
Early on Master Strike is a good skill but as you gain more skills you will find yourself using it less and less. Master Strike has 3 negatives. Firstly its channeled nature makes it easy for you to inadvertently interrupt by hitting another ability. Secondly, the first negative is compounded by the fact that most of Master Strike’s damage is back ended and occurs in the last second. Thirdly, it just takes ages to use. At high levels when trying to keep up you Sunder stacks, FS shield, Force Sweep debuff and Riposte buff a 4.5 second lockout while you go through the Master Strike animation is a long time.
I understand your opinion, but it is only 3 seconds, the global cooldown has worn off by the time you are finished and you can lead into another skill immediately. You can also interrupt the animation by using riposte, kick, or just jumping to interrupt the animation if you find yourself in a situation where you need to do something else. Since MS is free (resource wise), there isn't really a reason not to use it while other skills are on cooldown.
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02.17.2012 , 04:34 PM | #17
Very nice write-up here, a fantastic read for people interested or starting their Guardians, hopefully this thread and similar ones get sticky status as we seem to be lacking in that department.
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02.17.2012 , 10:17 PM | #18
I can tell you put a lot of effort into this post. Good work.
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02.18.2012 , 04:22 PM | #19
Yeah, getting Doc at lvl 15 or 16 is cake... lol

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02.18.2012 , 06:41 PM | #20
I was just sitting down with Phottek's guide and a notebook to figure out what all that meant in Jedi. Glad to see someone took the time to translate from the original Sith. Nice job Camarius and thanks to Phottek as well.