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HM Flashpoints with "Enrage Timers" only ... why?

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HM Flashpoints with "Enrage Timers" only ... why?

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02.28.2012 , 09:24 AM | #121
Quote: Originally Posted by AcaciaDragon View Post
If anyone could clear everything in this game, it wouldn't be fun fun. This game is meant to be played with other people, hence why its considered an MMO.
I do not see the connection between these two sentences - actually, they seem to contradict each other.

In the first sentence, you want to segment (or reduce) the number of people that are able to experience content. In the second sentence, you then backpedal and say that it's meant to play with a group of people and that it receives it's title of MMO due to that.

Seems to me that setting normal difficulty to require the smallest amount of skill is the way to go. If someone wants challenge, it seems nightmare mode may be where they need to look.

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02.28.2012 , 07:12 PM | #122
My 2 cents:

I'm dps and I like the enrage mechanic. Means I can't slack off and is highly suggestive that the other dps is also doing his job.
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02.28.2012 , 07:16 PM | #123
Quote: Originally Posted by Sir-Phobos View Post
Bosses can be hard and interesting without enrage timers. Anyone who played RIFT when it came out - look at some of the (pre nerf) Tier 2 expert bosses - Gatekeeper Kaleida and Plutonus in Deepstrike Mines, Scarn in Darkening Deeps, Caelia in Charmer's Caldera, and some others. None of those bosses enraged, and all were much harder than anything offered in hard mode flashpoints in TOR.
That is so true. Not to mention the fact that RIFT changed encounters in Experts so that it was not the same as leveling up. They even added new bosses in addition to new mechanics.

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03.21.2012 , 03:28 AM | #124
Quote: Originally Posted by fadingdimension View Post
Essentially this is like complaining that your healer is bad and can't keep the group alive so they should nerf the bosses damage output so you can just kill the boss.
True to a point, the problem I am seeing is a boss fight can be doable with a mediocre healer and solid tank, or solid healer and mediocre tank, but becomes nigh-impossible with solid dps and mediocre dps.

(Medicore covers anything from gear, player skill level, or hybrid class tree choices.)

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03.21.2012 , 06:10 AM | #125
You want to know why there has to be enrage timers (Limiter) for the fights?
True storry, from two days ago.

A: L2M for D7, Healers.
B: you looking for two healers for flashpoint?
A: yes
c: Arnt you a healer yourself?
A: yes, but you need 3 healers for D7.

It was was a normal D7 btw.

Without a time limit on the bosses, it end like this: If can you heal for 2 min, you can heal forever. If the healing is not enough, bring more healers.

Yes, the way to just increase the damage might be lame. But on one way or another there has to be a way to cut the time. Maybe a normal, hard, really hard, insane, impossile mode would have work as well. With the first two or 3 without any rage timers.

And they would have tons of possible way to mask a rage timer with some story elements. Like an alarm horn, and if you cant get it off within 2 minutes, the reinforcement are coming and kill all of you...
Or more and more specials from the boss untill you cant outheal this anymore. Like the boss running around and collecting items to deal more damage.

But all of this end in the same way: your time to kill the boss is limited. If you cant get him down in time, you wipe. If a lame red glowing with insane hits is the best way remains questionable.

There are only three reasons you might wipe on a boss: The tank was to bad, the healer was to bad, the DPS was to bad.
If the tank or healer are to bad, you dont need an enrage timer. Because you will wipe before any enreage. Eighter the tank lose agro or the Healer run out of ressources.

But if the DPS are to bad, a good tank and a good healer can compensate it. And to check this, to make sure the group has the right gear and skill, you need the enrage (red glow or flavor emotes or whatever you prefer).
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03.22.2012 , 06:40 AM | #126
Quote: Originally Posted by PjPablo View Post
Seems to be a lack of either creativity or experience designing real endgame content. 'Enrage timer' is about as hack as you can get in MMO endgame design. It's ok to throw it in now and again, but for it to be the main mechanic? Weak.
I agree, they need some creativity.