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Duoing HM Flashpoints...

Comalv's Avatar

02.15.2012 , 03:31 PM | #1
...not sure if anyone has done it before because I don't lurk these forums but me and a guildie sorcerer have been at it since the last week of January (got first clears between that and Feb 4th), mostly for fun as we didn't need any columi gear.

Below is the link for the Kaon video (others are private for now as I'm not sure how many people could be interested), Please not that this is mostly uncut audio/video meaning Italian chattering in the background even by people not in the flashpoint, please mute and listen to music if you're not interested in hearing it. Only fragment missing should be the first 1-2 waves of the first event and maybe the first seconds of the kill pull of the last boss (only 1 wipe on the last boss in the first try, not bad). Most of the trash clearing is recorded (mainly because it's actually fun in Kaon, in other videos I haven't even bothered recording it).

The video is for demonstration purposes only, so no fancy scene transitioning or post-production

Please note: after the changes I had to respec to full tank (darkness) because of the nerf to my hybrid spec, thanks to wither instances actually go much smoother now :P

If it's something people already did before Feb, please disregard this thread :P