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Use North/South/East/West Please

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Use North/South/East/West Please

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02.15.2012 , 03:34 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Chaymus View Post
I like the cut of your jib, sir.

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02.15.2012 , 03:35 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Cubertt View Post
thats just as confusing as the left/ right debocle because its literaly the same thing.

if ur defending or ofending in voidstar for instance from ur respected starting area up down left right is relative to where u spawn from,

while cardinal directions inherently are relative to a map( a concrete relation) which makes it clearer and should cause less errors if used
So, the real problem is what people are using as reference, not what names they are using.

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02.15.2012 , 03:55 PM | #13
if we have center and side and i call side and your too *********** stupid to know which one to go to no **** you i wont call it out like you want it to be called lllllllll22222222pppp!

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02.15.2012 , 04:05 PM | #14
There are people who use their map to know where they are in relation to others, and there are people who use their memory to do so. Left/right people know they went left on voidstar so when right is called they know where to go instantly, East/West requires people to look at their map before moving, or calling out what side they need help with. Left/Right is faster. Everyone knows what is meant when Left/Right/East/West is called, it means Help at the "other point" why don't we just change it to "Help" and that way you know if you are not being over run where you are, its the other point that needs help.

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02.15.2012 , 04:05 PM | #15
I still don't see how that possibly could be easier than left and right. Not everyone is aware of which side they're spawning, north or south, so when someone says east they have to take into consideration that they might be looking down from the north which makes east left. Hence, it's easier to just say left or right since pretty much everyone understands that it's a reference to the spawn point and regardless of if the spawn point is located north or south.

More importantly, does it even matter? If someone says left and you can't grasp that the person is refering to left of the spawn....well...does that put you in a position to educate people on directions?

IttyBetty's Avatar

02.15.2012 , 05:02 PM | #16
I havent gotten to Illum yet, is that where North and South would come in? On Alderaan, the little cap icon is left , right and middle, so in the groups we use that. When someone says east or west, there is a momentary pause to translate in teh mind ( I think NY/LA), but people still pretty much get it.

The only time I run into a problem is Voidstar. When Attacking and the door is in front of the spawn point,the way you are facing is thw direction called(left /right). When you are defending, the way you are facing when you exit the spawn point, and the direction the door is when its to your back is left right (reversed from attacking position). However here, people get confused between map direction and player facing the enemy direction. So if we use left, east, west or right, there is still confusion.

We need Ender Wiggin to come in and clear the whole thing up for everyone.

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02.15.2012 , 05:04 PM | #17
If you're in the spawn, and someone says "Help left" go out of the spawn and turn left, and help.

Not difficult.

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02.15.2012 , 05:16 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by Justgiveme View Post
If north is up, west is left, east is right and south is down... why not just say up, down, left and right?

Exactly. I don't really care what you call the doors, cap points, whatever but I gotta say that ppl who tell me "It's east and west. We're all grown-ups here" are just elitist.

Who cares if it's left, east, or pudding. It's just a directional label.

Also the reason you WOULD use NSEW is because some games the map rotates as our characters view does and left becomes right. In SWTOR the map(mini or main) doesn't actually rotate as you move. Makes it pretty easy to know the left and right sides of the map when the map directions are constant.

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02.15.2012 , 05:18 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Justgiveme View Post
So, the real problem is what people are using as reference, not what names they are using.
yes thats a very good way of puting it

the key is that NSEW isnt up for interpretation its always refering to the map

while left right up down is up to the interpretation of the listener

edit. it would be easy if everyone read the same pst and followed the rules that someone made but the fact is

you say in voidstar "left" is that the left door or left from the spawning point, i see people use both all the time

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02.15.2012 , 05:40 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by Justgiveme View Post
So, the real problem is what people are using as reference, not what names they are using.
yes, the problem isthe names they are using. there has been a global standard for centuries.
if you cant use n/s/e/w. go get checked for downs, you may have it.

left/right is dependent on your n/s/e/w relation. so either give left/right based on only north.
or use the standard that has worked since before computers.