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Just Hit Level 25 Time For the Bug Report

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Just Hit Level 25 Time For the Bug Report

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12.15.2011 , 05:20 PM | #1
I'm an early access day-oner here, played one of the beta weekends and got a couple toons to 10-11. Very impressed with the game, the storyline is immersive and I've been a big Bioware fan since KOTR and love the Dragonage and Mass Effect franchises! Keep up all the good work.

That being said here's a quick list some of the bugs I've encountered in the game on my way to level 25 and a few suggestions as well. I apologize in advance if these things have already been brought to your attention!

-GUNSLINGER COVER MECHANICS are pretty broken when using obstacles. The personal shield you set up works fine, but I'm finding that most of the time when I slide into cover and start casting charged or aimed shot, my cast cancels early without ever competing. Don't know if it's line of sight issues or what but the cast just doesn't go off. This problem doesn't occur with the self shield. So my work around right now is taking cover with my self shield before targeting a mob, because when you target an enemy the cover mechanics start to highlight areas to slide into, and since they're broken I tend to not do that. Quite frustrating, this needs addressed ASAP.

-NO SPLITTING INTO STACKS is kind of a big problem right now. Trying to do group quests and share med packs for example, or even break stuff up to put on the galactic market. I've tried shift, ctrl, and alt combination clicks. If it's in the game it's very un-intuitive and should be addressed.

-SPACESHIP TRAVEL IN PARTY BUGGED out. For example I was on Nar Shadaa, and needed to travel to Taris to finish up a group quest. Group had four players, and when I went to my star chart to switch planets, it had little heads all over the place in purple, assumedly to designate player quest zones like on the map. It wouldn't let me open up a planet and travel. When I click on the planet it brought up the image of the planet, but no text and no launch options.

-LATE TARIS QUEST zones seem to have some sort of memory leak or something. Only way I can describe it. For example when you open up your map, or update a quest, it lags for a second or two. Only place in the game I've encountered this kind of thing. Restarting computer didn't work. Everything runs fine on Nar Shadaa and did on Coruscant. Just the last few questing zones in Taris seem to do this. Happening to my brother too.

-DAILY FLASHPOINT QUESTS aren't updating at all. Have done Hammerstone and Athiss with the daily quest, multiple times, haven't received a reward at all. Side note that all of the HEROIC quests are farmable apparently, not sure if this is working as intended or not.

-ATHISS ELEVATOR BUTTON at the beginning of the flash point is blued out like it's an interactive object but you're unable to click. There is a way to jump down the other shaft so this might be working as intended but seemed bugged.

-NEKGHOUL CAST MECHANICS are exploitable with line of sight. The nekghouls I encountered in late Taris questing that have castable force lightning and other spells are easily exploited via line of sight by waiting for them to get to half cast bar, line of sight them behind wall/object, then hop back out and beat on them. They automatically prioritize the castable spells and don't run in to melee you if you line of sight them. They will still melee if the spells are on cool down aka they've been interrupted or used, but otherwise they will try to use the spells if they're off cool down and can therefore be line of sight exploited.

This is all I can think of right now, will update more as I come across stuff. Keep up the good work though Bioware! Great game!

How could I forget!

-PREFERNCES FOR COVER BAR are not saved, it seems like everytime I switch a zone it resets the preference for having a cover bar back to on, and I don't want it on. Forcing me to switch it back seemingly constantly.

-COMPANION ATTACK BAR doesn't like to stay how I put it. For example, I turn off Corso's harpoon attack, and the next time I pull him out it's back to the default on. Very frustrating, these changes should stay saved between uses.

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12.15.2011 , 05:28 PM | #2
To split a stack you shift right lick + drag

the elevator probably requires a trade skill

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