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Solution for Companion's crew skill bonuses!

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Solution for Companion's crew skill bonuses!

Ras_Thavas's Avatar

05.01.2012 , 11:38 AM | #11
I agree, but why not have all crew members start out at 0% and 0%. Once you start using them for a gathering skill or crafting skill their expertise in that skill increases. It would make sense that the more often you do something the better you will get at it.

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05.02.2012 , 12:39 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Okolo View Post
It was stated in the Dev Q&A that crit chance is based off of difficulty, ie orange missions/schematics have a base 10% crit chance and gray/green/yellow have a 15% crit chance.
This is further modified by companion affection, up to an additional 5% at 10k affection for a total of 15% on orange missions/schems and 20% on all others. Any companion crit bonuses then add +1/+2/+5 percent to their respective skill.
Taking my SW for example, Vette has a +5 crit to Treasure Hunting, so I could get a maximum of 20% crit rate on orange missions, or 25% crit rate on gray/green/yellow ones if I have her affection at 10k.

That being said, I don't actually have TH on my SW. While the droid sensors are a step in the right direction, being able to adjust bonuses to what I actually use rather than the semi-random distribution they are now would be awesome.
Ah kk tks for the clarification. Well that makes the companion crit chance even less valuable then. 15 - 20% vs 20 - 25% on companions with 5%crit chance (even less if it's less than 5%). I dont usually bother with companion crit chance cause it doesnt make a whole lot of diff and i craft with all 5 comps. It's a plus but not a necessity