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General Orta in Cademimu needs a fix

Tonymitsu's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 07:48 PM | #1
General Orta is currently a nigh un-winnable fight to anyone who even slightly over-levels the instance.

Currently, the four test rockets that fire during the boss fight seem to be on some kind of a timer, and on stages of frequency that's linked to his health. When his health goes down, this causes the rockets to fire more frequently and in groups. If you haven't looked at this place in a while... the test rockets stay lit for quite a long period of time.

Quickly burning his health down currently causes all these scripts to run simultaneously, without waiting for the previous series to end, inevitably resulting in all four rockets being fired at the same time, immediately wiping the party regardless of level or positioning. This makes it impossible for higher level players to do this instance without regulating their damage output to invisible mechanics they have no way of checking.


1. Unlink the rockets from the bosses health and instead have them function as an enrage timer, such that they grow more frequent the longer the fight goes on and at a certain point they will simply kill the party as described above.

2. Adjust the scripts so that the next sequence will not start until the current one ends.
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02.14.2012 , 07:58 PM | #2
Lol this happened to me on my Merc the other day, it was me and a Sniper DPS and we wiped because we DPS'd him too hard. The 2nd time I spaced and got locked out of the room and they downed him without me no problem. I guess I would recommend having 1 DPS sit and twiddle their thumbs for the duration of the fight, lol.

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02.14.2012 , 08:06 PM | #3
Kind of hard to do when it's just you (a sniper), the level 50 Juggernaut guild member who was nice enough to run you through, and your companions.

Although I guess he could twiddle and just let his companion heal me, but after 3 wipes and a few thousand credit repair bill he was about ready to move on.
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02.14.2012 , 08:35 PM | #4
I ran into this issue today with a not so over leveled group. Lvls were 28,29 x 2, and 30.

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02.14.2012 , 11:06 PM | #5
Had this happen tonight as well,

I was on my lev 43 sage helping two of my friends run some FP's (who were on level) and no matter what we did we would wipe.... eventually all 4 jets would be lit and there was no place to stand with out getting set on fire.

However do to a mistake by one of my friends (do to his anti virus minimizing SWTOR he ran in and agro'd the boss) thus shutting us out of the room and when the boss killed him he ran right through the door and fought us out side the room.

Having already died 6 times to this guy do to a bug I figured he owed us his own death do to a bug .
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02.15.2012 , 01:22 AM | #6
Also had this happen while running through as DPS with a group tonight. Very, very frustrating to say the least, especially since I had no idea what was going on. After finding this thread I switched on Ion and just acted as the punching bag while everyone else dps'ed him down and we were able to get him. Thank you for this thread though or otherwise I'd have been stewing for quite a bit.

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02.15.2012 , 03:03 AM | #7
I lol'd seriously at this thread... because in the process of leveling my imp alt, I have tried Cademimu 3 times, with 3 parties, as healer every time. Wipes, more wipes, and ...wipes.
All four rockets fire up and it's gg.

This did not happen 6 weeks ago when I was leveling my main... but when I got there on alt, THREE WEEKS AGO... Ended up never completing Cademimu on that char.

Advised in general chat for people not to go there. And three weeks later, it's still broken?
Slowing dps didn't work for any of the three parties I was with, and even if it did, is that working as intended? Punishing players for doing good?

Oh wait...

Yesterday in Ilum, game punished me (and rest of ops) for finally breaking out of base and burning the imps with the turret - valorspamvalorspamvalorspamnovalorgainednovalorgai nednovalorgainedWTF.

It is apparently fine for imps to get +200 valor 24/7 and that is not imbalance, but hey, it's imbalancing to kill many of THEM in a short period once in a WEEK.

So the fact that all four rockets are still firing up three weeks after I first had it happen, does not surprise me; but only makes me sad - as someone who enjoys parts of this game, but is appalled by the incompetency apparent in others.