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Speeder Drop from Foundry

spacefiddle's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 02:59 PM | #1
Just a quick thought / feedback on this:

The speeder that has a chance to drop from <redacted> is a nifty model, and was cool to get - no idea what he had, so all loot was a surprise, heh.

However.... Foundry is mostly done in the high 30s, at least... and the speeder is Rank I, 90%. So it will see little, if any, use. Maybe it could be relocated to Boarding Party or something, or be made a "speed depends on your skill" mount? There's *cough* another game that uses this method, which lets people continue to use their favorite mou- uh, forms of transportation.

Even if not, the way things stand now this will hardly be used by anyone for more than a level or three, which is kind of a shame.

Side note on spoliers: commenters, please remember, not everyone likes knowing ahead of time, and we should respect that.
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