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Expulsor Droid now drops the correct loot??

PolakToma's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 02:43 PM | #1
Patch notes state "Expulsor Droid now drops the correct loot." Anyone know what this loot is?

Qilz's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 02:57 PM | #2
There was a thread on the test forums asking that someone answered they just got a Xenotech belt. LOL @ vendor trash and another "bonus" boss to skip.

ShinYoten's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 03:59 PM | #3
Yes, I got a Xenotech belt.

tuckwd's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 04:10 PM | #4
well i saw this coming but it sucks for those getting geared up. he was a worthy boss to take down just for the helm.

Talorra's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 04:11 PM | #5
No more extra head token and mount then. Damn.
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