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dps stop QQing about healer/tank medals

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dps stop QQing about healer/tank medals

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02.14.2012 , 01:46 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Boshlord View Post
I'm sick and tired of seeing threads about how many medals people think they deserve. I will list out mostly all the medals and who is likely to get them and who isn't. The fact is no matter what you play you can get 8 or more medals rather easy

2.5K single heal (healers/biochems with med packs)
5k single heal (lucky healers with surge adrenalene)
75K heals (healer and some dps/heal ac)
300K heals (healers who are moderatly geared/skilled)
1 v 1 kill (dps/tanks rarely a healer can pick one of these up on a low life stragler)
Killing blow (every class should get 1 per game but healers are still least likly due to not constantly dpsing)
10 kills (everyone should I've never had a time where stunning/knocking back was a worst idea then throwing a quick heal)
25 kills (tanks/dps and rarely a healer)
2.5K single hit (tanks/dps rarely healers)
5K single hit (rarely dps)
75K damage (dps good tanks/healers)
300K damage (dps)
2.5K protection single life (tanks only)
5K protection (tanks)
10K protection single life (tanks)
50K protection (tanks)
So honestly of those 15 that apply to any wz dps have access to 8 and 9ish situational and healers and tanks have about 8-10 on good runs so no one should really be complaining if they can't get XYZ medals...
Go through this list again and tell me what the 8 medals are for Pure DPS classes/builds.

I count 10 kills, 25 kills, 2.5 damage, and 75k total damage, KB. = 5. (all 5 of which are easily achievable by tanks and hybrids)

300k damage and 5k in one blow being RARE = 7.
1v1? Come on....let's be serious.

Where's the 8 medals for Sentinels and Gunslingers?

The reality is the PURE DPS classes, like the PURE healing classes, do not easily reach 8. Our maximums are not countered by the fact that hybrid classes can reach 75K dps, or 75K healing rather easily.


But whatever, this isn't the point really. The point SHOULD be that medals aren't objective based and they SHOULD be.