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Mass crash after 1 . 1 . 3

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Eowarr's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:31 AM | #1
every 5 min crash *** !!!

Owlydk's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:35 AM | #2
Same here, every 3-5 min crash to desktop
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Bluedraco's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:37 AM | #3
Same issue
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Kauzer's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:37 AM | #4
Tested this crap. I'm getting crash 100% in charecter choosing menu when i press Mouse 4 button. Same during the game.

Talaak's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:38 AM | #5
Same here, crashes straight to desktop. Never happened before tonight's patch.



Edit - I have tried repair install already.

VictoriaDoll's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:44 AM | #6
Mine keeps crashing also :-(

Worst Valentines day ever ;-) haha jks

Bluedraco's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:46 AM | #7
is anyone using mouse buttons other then what a standard mouse has i have noticed a couple posts pointing at that being the issue
Peace Is A Lie

Tatyana's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:50 AM | #8
The same issue.
After this patch I can load only character selection screen. When I am trying to load a selected character or to choose any point of the menu, for example, server selection screen, the game crashes to the desktop. Repair didn't help.

DirtyRavePanda's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 06:56 AM | #9
Hahahahaha how do they manage to break this game so much?!

ross_deutsch's Avatar

02.14.2012 , 07:05 AM | #10
Well my computer is still have crashing issues as well after this patch...

Guess I will have to work on Skyrim until this game gets fully fixed and come back. Which is doable but thats beside the point.
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