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SOA HM - A battle against bugs

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02.14.2012 , 01:18 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by TripleOG View Post
No one in our raid is stupid enough to DPS a boss that is immune, so this wasn't the cause of SOA dropping aggro.
There are people that do attack and try and build up stacks so that when his shield drops they can hit hard. So saying that I am sure is not so true. I know many people that build up stacks on him but with the aggro bug it causes issues.
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02.14.2012 , 01:37 PM | #22
Here is a list of the bugs that I have noticed.
Going to list the work arounds because they didnt bother fixing this **** this week

1. SOA targeting random people on the 5th phase
Its not actually random, its based on the last person to hit he boss in phase 3. The agro will default to this person. Most likely the trooper or smuggler dps. best to stop dps and let the tank finish phase 3.

2. Pillars not hitting SOA
Soa is actually not under the pillar due to his model not updating correctly. When ever he casts a spell it will show him glide over while casting, hes actually still where he was until he casts again.

3. Platforms not there
This is due to a wipe during phase 2 or 4, (reseting during this phase) You have to reset the instance to fix this.

4. Soa aoeing after phase 2 or 4 even with mini pillars all killed
This happens after reseting the instance.

5. Being tossed in the air following a lightning ball detonation.
Nothing you an do about this.

6. Lightning balls being invisible / moving through the floor.
This happens when they travel off an edge, most prevalent during transitions. Make sure all lightning balls are down before transitions.

7. Boss reseting when tank is trapped on phase 5.
If tank was last one to hit the boss on phase 3 and is trapped on phase 5 the fight will reset.

As you have noticed there are a lot of things that contradict each other. Here is the best way to run the fight.

1. reset the instance
2. have one player enter the instance initiate the fight jump off the side and die
3. everyone enter go down and start the soa fight
4. get a bit lucky on phase 3
5. make sure the tankest dps gets the last hit on the boss (commandos work the best)
6. that dps will effectively be the main tank for phase 5.
7. make sure the 'tank' primary agro holder stands directly under the pillars.
8. make sure soa casts at least once while in that position.

This allows you to avoid the majority of the critical bugs. Being instant wipes or fight resets. Hopefully this **** will be fixed next week, and new bugs wont be added.

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02.15.2012 , 12:22 AM | #23
Bump for dev response

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02.15.2012 , 12:34 AM | #24
i gotta say these bugs are prolly the most annoying thing we have encountered in our guilds runs, we can burn through Karraga HM in under 1.5 hours and one shot every boss in EV HM till SOA but ill be damned that if its not one bug its another every attempt we try. usually we get pretty lucky and the stars will align and we can get him down sometime during the week but not this last week. we encountered either 1-3 different bugs each time we did the fight through the three different phases.

this has caused nearly 75% of our guild to stop playing and are looking at going to other games because its not fun banging your head against the wall trying to beat a boss that bugs out everytime.

we initially had 3 seperate teams that raided on a set schedule but now we have had to consolidate them down into 1 group that might or might not go because people dont want to waste hours and hours trying to down a boss whos mechanics tweak out, and make it damn near impossible.

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02.15.2012 , 01:41 AM | #25
The big post a couple above covered things pretty well, wanted to add a few thoughts.

We've only experienced the missing platforms about 3 times total in all the 8(?) weeks of raiding we've done. If it is linked to wiping during either transition phase, that would make sense since we don't really ever wipe during that anymore.

Balls going invisible happens when you kite them too far. They aren't going to disappear on HM/NM like they do on Normal for you.

Balls still coming after you during transition between phase 2 and 3 isn't new. With the Giant Red Letters letting everyone know who balls are targeting now, it's trivial to have targets jump down away from rest of the raid and eat their balls as normal.

Haven't really had pylons missing hitting him if he's ACTUALLY in position in phase 3. Considering it is a little tricky for tanks to learn how to adjust their camera to find the pylons in the first place, I'm not convinced it's quite as buggy as some make it out to be, although there does seem to be some syncing issues occasionally.

Aggro in phase 3. Admittedly, this seems different now, but what I've seen is that if you attack him right when he spawns in phase 3 while invulnerable still (think Snipers putting up Shatter Shot to have the debuff last through the first vulnerable period) you can screw up the aggro. Seemed to be the major reason for that problem occurring.

Getting tossed right after lightning balls sucks, especially without timers, but if you've done the fight enough, you kind of get a feel for when he's going to whirlwind again and you'd be silly to bust a lightning ball too close to that timer. Have healers look to immediately top off people eating lightning balls or even throw a hot on right after the explode to at least try to counteract any possible air damage.

If you're dying to someone being in the air when the transition goes, your dps was stupid to push him over at that point. Also have had sorcs use their friendly pull to save people getting dropped out of the air in this situation before.

There are a lot of little possible bugs in this fight, but many of it can be dealt with /avoided. It feels a lot more stable on HM versus NM just because of the damage some classes will take from a lightning ball that gets an extra shock off along with an explosion. As a Sniper I haven't really dealt with that issue, but I've seen sorcs with 17k+ health and a bubble get "one shot" by their lightning ball that they run into to soak.

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02.15.2012 , 02:35 AM | #26
In addition a bug we encountered on hardmode Soa at least:

If a person is being tossed around by Soas ability and Soa drops the floor before the wall-banging is finished, the person who was tossed around will drop down to the next floor and bug out. He cannot see Soa or other players, cannot move, and cannot interact with anything except himself. /stuck didn't help iirc. We had this happen two times during the same run.
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02.15.2012 , 02:57 AM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Karkais View Post
In addition a bug we encountered on hardmode Soa at least:

If a person is being tossed around by Soas ability and Soa drops the floor before the wall-banging is finished, the person who was tossed around will drop down to the next floor and bug out. He cannot see Soa or other players, cannot move, and cannot interact with anything except himself. /stuck didn't help iirc. We had this happen two times during the same run.
Do not push him to 28% when some one is tossed! Have the dps stop. The guy being tossed is suppose to die.
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02.15.2012 , 03:44 AM | #28
Yeah, SOA HM is a buggy mess. I mean, SOA in hard mode should not be harder to do than KP Nightmare mode and the rest of EV in Nightmare. Yet Dr. Egghutt took 2 tries last time my guild did it, and we couldn't get SOA down in at least ten attempts. (And they have beaten him before, though I wasn't there for that occasion.)

As far as I've seen (my perspective is a little different as I play as a healer and therefore am paying more attention to hp bars and allies than I am the enemies) we've run into most of the bugs listed here, and the workarounds generally work - except the aggro thing in the last phase. Not a good sign when the bosses enrage damage is a lower concern than the aggro bug.

Course the funniest bug I saw was when 2 of our dps guys managed to kill a mindtrap before it dragged one of them into it - resulted in him being trapped in lala land until we lost and exited out.

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02.15.2012 , 04:33 AM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by TripleOG View Post
Bump for dev response
they have ignored this soa ******** for over a week now and still nothing on it he biofail dont release new raid content till you can fix the current ****

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02.17.2012 , 11:32 PM | #30
Raiding is really getting quite stupid in this game. How do so many bugs make it to live? I've played MMOs with much smaller budgets and made over shorter periods of times that had no where near this.