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02.13.2012 , 11:19 AM | #1
This forum is usually a hive for threads about 'my class needs a buff' or such-and-such a class is 'OP'.

I recently read a thread from a Republic Commando claiming that his character was awful (Commandos consistently doing some of the best damage I've ever seen in WZs) and he gave a list, but his main justification was that they aren't very adept at 1v1s. This isn't an attack on ranged DPS ACs because I will also be mentioning Stealth DPS ACs also

In all seriousness (?), though, I think that most people use the term 'a 1v1' to be synonymous with CQC/ melee ranged combat. This is incorrect, and will result in Ops QQing on the forums that their damage is too low, or threads suggesting that Commandos/ Merc need a buff to their damage or greater damage mitigation.

For Ranged DPS and Stealth, they do very high damage 'surprisingly' from range and straight-out of stealth, respectively. A stealth character should do most of their damage in a 1v1 straight out of stealth before their enemy even knows they are there, and the Ranged DPS should do most of their damage before their melee opponent has closed the gap.

After a melee/CQC opponent has closed the gap or recovered from the onslaught of CCs and burst out of stealth then they should be the ones doing more/ taking less damage. This is why most stealth characters and Ranged DPS have push-backs/ more stuns, etc.

Unfortunately, I fear that the Commando who posted the thread saying that his AC was trash has unfortunately seen too many Arnie films and along with doing staggering amounts of Ranged DMG also wishes to have a button that initiates their char ripping a steel pipe from the nearest wall, hurtling the projectile like Achilles to perforate the chest of their opponent before laying down the line 'Let off some steam, Bennett!'

I wouldn't suggest that this is a 'L2P' issue from the perspective of their 'skills' being bad. More of a 'realise what your char is SUPPOSED to be adept at and where their weaknesses lie'. Maybe the 2 are the same, though?