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Tracer missle idea from a arsenal merc..insta cast??

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Tracer missle idea from a arsenal merc..insta cast??

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02.18.2012 , 09:22 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by halfhourofpower View Post
You wouldn't be useless with a nerf, you would be on an even playing field.
nerfing our dps would make it even? pray tell what else does merc arsenal have that makes us even with everyone else?

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02.18.2012 , 10:59 PM | #22
Currently, because of heat management and tracer casting I find my arsenal merc harder to play than my wrath/chain sorc. Sorc consists of force lightning spam (instantly starts doing damage, ticks give you back force power AND it has multiple buffs from talents for crit/damage/knockbacks). You get a wrath proc and hit chain lightning which hits for 3k+ and is AoE to multiple targets (with a decent crit you can do 10k+ damage in that single attack to a team). If chain is down you can crushing darkness, you have deathfield for an AoE attack and affliction for dot spamming. All in all, that's FEWER abilites than I use on my merc, an easier rotation, almost all INSTANT casts and when up against a group of enemies puts out more damage than a merc to boot. Top all of that off with more utility, sprint and a shield and I find mercs need buffs more than nerfs.

Therefore, I propose following a similar pattern with our damage. Make tracer missle a spammable, channeled spell that instantly does damage but in smaller chunks over time (similar to unload but with mini-missles). Add a cast time to heat seeker missle but give it some utility (heal debuff? 3 targets instead of 1? finish the cooldown of railshot? I'm not a game designer...) and able to be instantly proced with tracer. Tracer can then be easily adjusted damage-wise up and down and the proc rate of heat seeker as well to adjust our damage if need be. We'd basically be a different flavor of sorc, but maybe this would allow a bit of utility AND would help on interrupts due to instant damage from channels.

Footnote: arsenal isn't as good as it was before the surge nerf, crit was the thing to stack because of heat returns and with crit surge was the obvious choice. Now, power for pyro seems like the most bang for your buck but I HATE using rapid shot and DoT ticks for 50% of my damage when we are lacking an interrupt. I find it impossible to burst down most healers as pyro whereas a good combo from arsenal can at least make them run for cover.