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Do we really need...

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Do we really need...

Gphalen's Avatar

02.12.2012 , 10:27 PM | #1
General chat for smack talk in pvp matches?

Why do i have to be bothered mid match when trying to communicate with others on my team by a bunch of people not in my group having some off base discussion?

WHy is there even a general chat? isnt ops chat enough? just another blunder by Bio Ware i guess..

Seriously when this game was mentioned about 2 yrs ago i was a little intrested then when i seen BY BioWare my immediate reaction was Not a Chance...

Then it went EA/Bioware and i came on board...Sounds to me like this is Bio ware paid EA to stick there brand logo on the case cause god knows Bio alone wouldnt sell 2 million subs..

Febuary when paid wow time ends and a final decsion will be made SWTOR or WOW i wanted something to replace wow this so far is less then thrilling..

But hey i can always pay for wow and keep D3 Absolutely free when it hits live!

or keep swtor and hope bio gets off its lazy arse and starts fixing these bugs that were mentioned way back in beta!
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