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Quitting warzones

Bopper's Avatar

02.12.2012 , 08:45 PM | #1
Not letting people choose their own warzone is ridiculous and should be done away with. Evidently it is so new people get to experience Huttball? If the game is any good they will get to play Huttball as people will select to play it????

That i think is the problem, they know most people would not select it so they need to force paying customers to play a game they do not want to (i am not saying everyone). How is that a good business model? How can it be considered good sense to make paying customers play a game they do not enjoy?

I can only say that some of the decisions made by the devs are inane and border on eccentric and this is one of them.

I just quit these games most the time and will keep doing it, so people possibly get to see Huttball disadvantaged which would give an even better impression.....