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Loot table is totally messed up!

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02.13.2012 , 09:02 AM | #21
LOTRO's loot system is just so much more refined, I figured since it had been in lotro for over four years now that it would just be standard everywhere else.

The system is simple:

Kill a boss and a barter item drops.

Any class can take that item and barter it for class gear.

Its sooooooooo easy to implement too. TOR already has barter items, why the hell did they restrict them to classes?! It makes no sense at all. If its a barter item that can be master looted and handed to anyone then everyone is happy. It means that if we get a new member into guild, we only have to fun each HM FP once for gear them up, not ~4 times in the hope that their class's barter item drops. The current system is also seriously irritating when putting together a group. If I run a flashpoint or ops with a shadow tank, shadow dps (me), sage dps and sage healer then our chances of getting usable loot drop dramatically! We actually get penalised for playing with friends, just because we chose the same base class.
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02.13.2012 , 10:43 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Valdrane View Post
I'm sorry, but I do not understand why anyone is complaining. This type of loot dropping system is nothing new to MMOs, the way it is distributed is a tad flawed, but how it drops is nothing new. Each piece has a percentage drop rate for EACH boss kill, that means that every time a boss i skilled, piece x has a 12% chance to drop each time.

In HM Fps, only 1 token drops, and that is off an end boss, in operations each boss drops tokens, sometimes it drops the same token twice sometimes it's different tokens.

From what it sounds like, most of you want fast and easy loot. Well hate to break it to you, PvE is not the way to go for fast and easy loot, you can only run ops 4 times a week and HM FPs once a day. You want almost instant gratification, go PvP.

Stop whining here every time you don't get exactly what you want. It took me over a month to get my entire set, while others got it in a week. That is just the way it works.
Yea great, well I've been doing 2-3 HMs daily for over a month and still lack 2 pieces, 3 friends have fully geared each (2 BH 1 IA) in about 5-8 days each.... another warrior friend has done over 20 HMs and not even got 1 piece of columni, not even seen a drop, he has a similiar grouping profile as me. This pattern is being repeated consistently.

I've done TFE approximately 20 times, I'd guess, seen 2 IA chest pieces, all the rest Bounty hunter, the chances of that are slim, sure it could happen randomly, but not to lots and lots of people repeatedly.

People spouting rubbish about it being RNG should ****, I've gone through this process a few times on WoW and you could tell absolutely it was random, you had varying results, sometimes you saw your item but missed the roll, whatever, the odds of getting 18 BH chests and 2 IA chests from 20 goes are astronomical, what's also funny is that I've pre-congratulated 4 BHs in the last week and EVERY TIME THEY GOT THE CHEST. They thought I was a voodoo shaman.

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02.13.2012 , 02:05 PM | #23
random loot is random.

there are other avenues to getting tier gear including tokens/crystals etc.

you can also move mods around into other gear. there are many paths to gearing up. i think the multiple paths are great. i often take mods/enhancements out of duplicate gear i get and move them into orange gear of the slots i need.