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In a Pickle with In a Pickle

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In a Pickle with In a Pickle

RowanThursday's Avatar

02.11.2012 , 03:25 PM | #1
Sssso.... Mr. Riggs asks me to go to a village on Tatooine to visit an old friend. I land on Tatooine... catch a speeder to the location suggested by the green highlight- Dreviad Village- and try to make my way to the green arrow.

Small *problem*... the Imperials seem to have built bases right across both the roads that I can find into the area I need to get to- if I head south, I bump into Mos Anek, if I try to go out into the Dune sea and cut back into Jundland I collide with Outpost Zaroshe.

I don't see any other way into the bit of Jundland marked on my map... so since I'm assuming a level 34 companion quest isn't expecting me to charm or seduce my way past a group of level 50 champion Imperial guardsmen... (granted, they are Imperial Troopers so probably can't shoot straight, but even so...), I'm guessing I've not found the right road?

I don't suppose, by any chance, anyone has any suggestions on a better route to take, please?

/me awaits "Turn left at the sand dune" and "Make a sharp right after the third womprat dropping"

All sane suggestions gratefully appreciated, thanks
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Numdenu's Avatar

02.11.2012 , 03:42 PM | #2
Something like that.

Do you remember passing the Outlaw's Den at all? This place with the ominous flags and bones and it's free-for-all PvP? That's the way to the quest area without going through any Imp bases.

But honestly, I just rode my speeder through the smaller Imp quest hub, reviving every ten feet with the medical droid.
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RowanThursday's Avatar

02.11.2012 , 03:56 PM | #3
Oh! I did pass the Outlaw's Den, thanks! I got warnings about being flagged for PvP in X seconds so I did a tailspin and shot out fast. I'll endeavour to slink through.
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-- HK-55

RowanThursday's Avatar

02.11.2012 , 05:17 PM | #4
Got through, and got it, thank you
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-- HK-55

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02.11.2012 , 08:53 PM | #5
There is a small cave entrance at the back of the sandpeople camp on the rep side that leads into a passage to the imp side - you will get out near Corso's mission objective.
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02.12.2012 , 04:38 AM | #6
I died only once, moving in stealth was the key.
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RowanThursday's Avatar

02.12.2012 , 07:48 AM | #7
I was lucky, there wasn't anyone hanging round looking to make trouble in the Outlaw's Den, so I got through Ok. After that, plain sailing, bog-standard Tatooine Imperials fall down very easily once you put a few blaster bolts in them, main problem was trying to dispose of the PvP flag afterwards- a countdown of some sort so you could work out how much longer you're going to have to stay sitting in a cantina cooling your heels *would* be nice.
"... Pointless meatbag bickering."
-- HK-55

ejadavidson's Avatar

07.14.2012 , 07:24 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by C-mot View Post
There is a small cave entrance at the back of the sandpeople camp on the rep side that leads into a passage to the imp side - you will get out near Corso's mission objective.
Is this entrance in the dune sea area? Is there any way to post coordinates to the cave? I've been looking for an hour. I wonder if getting to this quest was made difficult on purpose. I search and have seen several posts on how to get to "In a Pickle". I'm not even sure where the Outlaws Den is. What outpost is it near?

Desperate thanks to anyone who can help.
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Wainamoinen's Avatar

07.16.2012 , 11:41 AM | #9
Nearest Rep speeder is at Outpost Salara.

Outlaw's Den is the valley SW of Salara. It has entrances from north and south - the north entrance is the one to head for once you get off the speeder.

The entrance is west of Salara, on the opposite side of the canyon from the base. You may have to kill some imp NPCs if you aggro them on the way.

Apologies for not having coordinates, not logged in at the minute.
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